Dec 062019
Feminization Holiday Greeting 2019

Feminization holiday greeting – FREE mp3! You love to be My slutty little gurly fag just as much as I enjoy taking your manhood away from you! So in the spirit of holiday giving, I have given you another hot, FREE holiday audio clip to send you fond greetings and to mess with your horny, emasculated head.

You can click on the audio player below to play My free holiday message for sissy fags – OR – if you want to have My feminizing season’s greeting in your NiteFlirt file player, you can buy it for 10 cents (minimum price).

Listen Now! FREE Feminization Holiday Greeting:

Don’t forget to THANK PRINCESS JEWEL WITH SOME HOLIDAY CASH for being the SEXIEST and MOST EMASCULATING PRINCESS of your gurly feminized dreams!

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Sending you warm holiday greetings and fond wishes for happiness & success in 2020!
Princess Jewel

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