Jun 192008

Have you ever been on your back, naked on the floor, with your feet in the air, wearing a pair of panties? Don’t forget to put your thumb up your ass pussy and wave at the girlfriend you have never gotten over and her new boyfriend. And to top it off, you lucky little sissy slut – My voice is in your ear, commanding you to be My bitch!!

Does reading that get your little clitty cock hard? Well, if it does, you should call Me. ‘Cause that’s exactly what I did to My sissy faggot tiny dicked loser cuckold pig tonight!

What a dumb ass! I have humiliated this loser before. In fact, you can read all about it here. But tonight, I must have been feeling especially evil. 🙂 I know the thought of his old girl friend with another guy drives him crazy. So, I wanted to think of something REALLY humiliating!

I think I managed to do it by having this shrimp dicked ass licker put his thumb in his ass pussy and wave to his girlfriend with his other four fingers. Hee, hee, hee! And if that wasn’t enough, I drove this loser faggot over the edge while I described his girlfriend’s ass smothering him completely. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

He has an assignment for tomorrow night too. If he doesn’t call Me with his panties on and a new cock to stick in his faggot pussy, I am going to hang up on him and raise My rate. Hmmm, maybe I should just hang up on him and raise My rate anyway. Lol. After all, what else does a tiny dicked sissy loser faggot ass licking pig deserve?

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  11 Responses to “Complete Sissy Faggot Humiliation”

  1. Hello, my girlfriend calls my willy, my little clitty!! It is so humiliating, i am very small and useless in the trouser department, she now likes to make me watch her fuck well hung studs but i must have my little clitty on show for them to laugh at, sometimes she lets me suck all the other mens cum from her pussy ( thats my treat ) i deserve it really, i am not a real man just a tiny cocked sissy wimp, i know my place 🙂

  2. Haha – what a cuckold loser you are. Call Me and I’ll totally put you in your place.

  3. My old gf was way to good for me I was so.lucky! When she found out though that I was a 20 yr old virgin the jokes and humiliating comments came non stop and she always teased me, only to eventually break up with me, without me ever being allowed to have her. After that I realized how worthless I really am for girls. now I know I have nothing to offer and spend everyday doing nothing but jack off and still miss her abuse.

  4. Hehe – what a dork.

  5. Wow, That sounds totally hot, to be humiliated and forced to suck by a mistress.

  6. Call Me, bitch boy and I’ll force you to suck cock too!

  7. Princess, i can’t wait to get back home from work next week and call You. i need to hear Your voice telling me what a cocksucking faggot i am. i promise to wear my panties and everything else to show You what a good little cocksucker i am. Maybe You’ll have me stick that black dildo you made me suck last time, up my cock loving faggot asshole?? As soon as i get back to Alaska, i will call You, i promise. BTW, last time i had a big cock in my mouth, i took some pictures and made a short video. i can’t wait to show You Princess.
    Your little faggot, bobbi

  8. Hehe – what a fag!

  9. oh bby bby , you make me feel like a badd girl 😛
    i never put anything in my lil ass tho but i want too its like throbbing 😛
    i wanna be fucked sooo hard by u up my asshole every morning and night ..

  10. Call and beg Me, you pathetic fag.

  11. my ex feminized me and i was panty clad 24/7 but She Never cucked me or made me Her fluffer. i serviced Her on command but i wanted to suck for Her, to show her i would do anything for Her.

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