Jun 182008

Well, you girly boys REALLY kept Me entertained this past weekend. I can’t believe that I forgot to post about this until now. It’s had me laughing all week!Fetish Phonesex Princess Jewel

So, here’s the story. One of My regular faggots called Me a couple of days ago. It’s the same one I watched perform on cam recently. He tells Me that he has a new fantasy that he has been working on and wants to give it a test drive. Lol.

Then he tells Me all about his fantasy – Wheel of Masturbation Fortune!!!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha! He’s been thinking about it so much that he’s got ALL the details worked out. This little sissy whore LOVES to perform and put on a girly boy show. So, he tells Me what he’s thought up and I ran with it!

I put him on stage, in the center of a giant wheel. I had all lights on him, and a huge audience of his friends, coworkers and neighbors. I spun the wheel and around and around he went. With each spin, he landed on a different ‘prize’. Hee, hee. And he HAD to do whatever he landed on. OMFG! He landed on all sorts of spaces – one time he had to sing to the whole audience about what a sissy sissy faggot he is. Another time he had to get on his knees and suck cock while the audience watched, and once he had to spank his sissy ass. But, just as he landed on the JACKPOT, he had to go (you know, so he wouldn’t get caught – lol).

Poor little masturbator never got the creamy cum jackpot – never mind the Bonus Round. LMAO! Next time, we will play longer and I will have him landing on the most humiliating tasks I can think of! Feel free to comment with suggestions for humiliating sissy faggot tasks to perform in front of a live studio audience.

I can’t wait to spin My fairy princess around and around, humiliating himself more and more with each ridiculous sissy task. Wheel of Masturbation Fortune – what a freakin riot!

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