May 012008

It has taken me a long time to get this all together, but now all My lucky little sissies, faggots, and girly boys have a place to come and see what I am up to! I will also be getting picture galleries together so that you all can purchase lots of My pictures, and I will be making recorded listings for shy little sluts, or for when I am not available to take a call. You can check out My feminization mp3s at FemDomAudio.

For those of you who don’t know Me, I am Princess Jewel. I absolutely love feminization and fetish phonesex. Most of my callers are sissies or girly boys who want Me to feminize them, dress them up, humiliate them, and everything else we can imagine. Hee, hee – it’s so much fun! I just love explaining exactly why My little feminization boys will never satisfy Me and exactly why they will only ever be My devoted little bitches or whores catering to My every whim.

I also got lots of financial domination callers. They just love to play games and just can’t help getting very excited as I use them take more and more of their money. The next day, they feel kind of stupid, but still kind of turned on by the way I manipulated them, made them weak and stuffed My bank account with their money.

I use NiteFlirt to assure anonymity for both Me and My callers. If you don’t have a NiteFlirt account, it’s easy to join, completely anonymous and you will get 3 free minutes towards your first call! To call My feminization line, just click here:

Feminization phone sex with Princess Jewel

To view all My listings and categories, check out My NiteFlirt profile: PrincessJewel, and call the listing that suits you!

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