Nov 302017

Free FemDom MP3FREE FemDom MP3 for the 2017 holiday season!  To listen to My sexy Princess voice wishing you all the best this holiday season, just click on the link below.

Then, you can send Me a tribute or Amazon gift card to thank Me for even thinking of you during this busy, fun, fabulous time of year!

Lucky you, you can even buy lots more of My hot FemDom mp3s all year long.  My voice will enchant and brainwash you into being My obedient bitch boi no matter what time of year it is!


Have a joyous, fulfilling, emasculating holiday season and 2018!

Here are some ways to show your devotion to FemDom Princess Jewel with a tribute or gift:

Amazon Gift Card (send to princessjewel at jewelsfools dot com)

$25 NiteFlirt Tribute

$50 NiteFlirt Tribute

$100 NiteFlirt Tribute


Princess Jewel

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  6 Responses to “FREE FemDom MP3 – Happy Holidays 2017!”

  1. Princess Jewel’s intorduction and voice may have just lured in another sissy to her fold of sissy losers, if she will accept me.

  2. ya, i’ve been a brainwashed sissy loser for years :/

  3. Well, until you turned into a blocked, brainwashed loser. 😉 Who knows though, I might be generous at holiday time and unblock you if I am properly motivated. Hehe.

    Happy Holidays, pencil boi! 🙂

  4. happy 2018 pwincess I just looke on the images of east wind accu and the picture of me naked in heels is still up there I wonder if she knows….? ricky

  5. Happy 2018, you big loser! 😉

  6. may i make calls?

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