Nov 142017

MP3 for Cock Sucking FagsNew mp3 for cock sucking fags!  Are You a Faggy Cock Sucker?  Listen to My newest femdom mp3 and find out.

Have your perverted fantasies turned you into a faggy cock sucker?  Let’s examine the situation and find out.  Hehe.  Are you a real man, or do you have secret, faggy desires?

I know how to determine if you are a cock sucking fag or not.  In fact, I know all about your faggy fantasies.  So buy my hot mp3 and let’s find out together whether you are a man or a slurpy fag.

Audio Effects:  None

5 minutes 32 seconds

MP3 For Cock Sucking Fags

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    Jus wanna let all the Horny, Alpha, Massive xxxl long THICK hard throbbing salty sweaty HOTT REAL MEN in the entire World Know that I am, (quite possibly) the Most obsessed with, and in Love with as if it’s my soulmate, Any an all cocks, #1 thought on my mind is nonstop daydreams of Hard throbbing semen dripping COCK, Humongous XXXL Heavy Sweaty Salty BALLSACKS, PLUMP swollen MushSHROOM/ Bell shaped silky slimy Cock heads with trails of sticky precum oozing out, nothing but different Colors, shapes, textures, of all kinds, I know I’m a True 100,,% certified unisexual that only loves One solitary part of the male anatomy with all the cells in my lil slutty body, mind an soul, more an above all else in life, my sole reason, purpose an destiny is my unfathomable passion an insatiable life controlling SExual DESIRE for The Male Human Sex Organ in it’s entirety, Only amplified ever more by increasing it’s mass , weight, length, girth, warmth, natural saltyness, flavor sece t, sight of another man’s or men’s naked penis, flaccid to erect. Instantly becomes my only focus, vision locked on the magnificent nasty perfectly imperfect miracle God gave the world.

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