Jun 062008

I had a great time last night with a new little faggot. He wanted Me to watch him parade around in his panties and laugh at his tiny little clitty dick on cam. Hee, hee! It was so much fun!

First, I gave him a lipstick application lesson. It’s very important for sissy losers to have pretty shiny cock sucking lips. Not only did he learn how to paint his lips perfectly, he learned all sorts of uses for his lipstick! I made him decorate his whole body with lipstick while I watched him on cam. It was so funny, because once he took his panties off, I could see his little clitty dick getting hard while I was abusing him.

When he first took off his panties, I couldn’t help laughing. The pathetic little stub between his legs was sooooo small! Even when it got hard, it was still just a tiny little sissy clit! Every time I laughed at it and called him a faggot loser, that little stub would perk up.

He even ASKED Me to hang up on him and raise My rate. So, of course, I did! I had him paying Me a much higher rate and half the time his cam would freeze and he was paying Me while he was wasting his time trying to fix his computer.

So I had a great time taking all his money and calling him a faggot loser! Plus, I made him suck a big dildo. There’s something so wrong about a guy slurp all over a big cock, and watching as I made him do it was HOT! He kept telling Me how much he loved that I was taking his money, calling him a faggot loser and laughing at his tiny dicklet. By the time I was finished with him, he was decorated with lipstick writing all over his sissy faggot body, and I had all his money!

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