May 302015

Sissy Rick is so pathetic. What an idiot, sending Me this picture.  He is totally emasculated, with a bow in his hair, holding a giant sign giving all his personal information. Now he has to beg Me to take it down and scamper around, back and forth to his computer, to see if the whole world can see what a pathetic, emasculated, sissy loser he is.  Who knows?  Maybe a certain girl will see it…

sissy rick pathetic

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  18 Responses to “So Pathetic… So Emasculated… So Sissy Rick”

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    princess! sent you an email…. can you take it down its gonna get cached and my number and add will b up forever!

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    is that blur on the pic shrinking?

  3. No, I think it’s ur wallet. 😉

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    one of the many reasons I lik…. wuv you that sense of humor pwincess

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    happy 4th pwincess .. hope you hve a good one… so bored so hi.. id call you but by the time id get my card back up be tomorrow

  6. hi pwincess ..miss you

  7. Hmm, I wonder how we can remedy that?

  8. well I know how but trying to stay away .. hope your doing grest

  9. Hey Ricky… Pencil Boi just found your unblurred pix on BING. LMAO!!

  10. hope your kidding I looked didn’t see it

  11. was looking at that pic that was tagged with you know whose workplace its still up there….. I must have really been horny to ask you too do that how embarrassing

  12. And I thought you were going to wish Me a Happy Birthday and send Me a present.

  13. oh boy didi I miss your birthday im sorry hope you had a great one sorry

  14. superbowl today you know whose house I should be naked in heels serving today … good thing she never saw these pictures

  15. good thing everything is still blurred

  16. Oops, just saw ur comments. They got spammed accidentally. You know… useless and sort of thrown out. Lol.

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    that’s me ignored sissy

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