Oct 052008

Do you sissy sluts like My new favicon?  What’s a favicon?  It’s the little icon that you should see right now in the left side of your address bar.  A pretty pair of shiny pink open lips.

It seemed appropriate – don’t you think?  But I have to say it was a hard choice.  The lips seemed perfect.  Hot girly lips that are just like mine.  Full, soft and shiny.  Or, they could be like yours.  Slutty, open and waiting for a cock to suck.

I really had make a tough decision, though.  I was able to narrow it down to two choices:

Pretty Pink Lips   -OR-   A big fat carrot 

Do you think I made the right choice?

  2 Responses to “My New Favicon”

  1. avatar

    Princess Jewel,

    Of course, it was the right choice. A Goddess like You could never make the wrong choice. You are the Princess of Perfection, a Highness so High that the rest of the world is blessed that You walk on the same planet. You deserved to be worshipped, honored and obeyed 24-7. The world is Your slave. Thank You for the shiny red lips. It is a brilliant favicon that makes my sissy stick twitch.

    Submissively Yours,

    — sissy bobbie

  2. Dear pathetic slut,
    I don’t think we have ever spoken, have we? Be good girl and send Me a tribute or a gift card. Make sure to tell Me how lucky you are for Me to have published your comments. And also how lucky you are that I have created this blog and that you can read it.

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