Nov 302014

Sissy Rick Is A TOTAL Loser.  He has reached new levels of stupidity tonight.  As you may know, one of My customers was in trouble with Me for not paying a debt as he promised.  Each day that went by, he owed Me more and more money.  He made lots of payments, but the interest I was charging him kept adding up.

I happened to mention this to Ricky and Ricky said that he is so pathetic that he would pay the debt of My customer.  In return, I would give my customer all of Ricky’s information to post anywhere or give to anyone.  Or maybe, he would do nothing at all with it and Ricky would wind up getting nothing.  Hahaha.  Of course, in order to pay off my customer’s debt, Ricky is such a loser that he had to pay twice as much as he actually owed.

Not only did Ricky have the privilege of paying for nothing, now, I am going to post all of his personal information, including his credit card number.  Any of you horny losers out there can take his credit card number and try to use it to call Me on NiteFlirt. Ricky will have to watch My call button go to Busy and wonder who is talking to Me and how much it will cost him.  In fact, if you email Me before calling using his card, I’ll raise My rate so that Ricky will have to pay even more for other sissy losers to talk to Me while he sits at home, alone, naked wondering what is going on.

Ricky K*******

**** ******* Drive

****** ******, Indiana


Master Card #: **** **** **** ****, Exp date: **/**/**

Edit:  Maybe I’ll put everything back up tomorrow.  😉


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  81 Responses to “Sissy Rick Is A TOTAL Loser”

  1. oh stop it I know you looked

  2. oh pwincess …hello what did one snowman say to the other snowman?,,,,, hey do you smell carrots?

  3. what do you do when you see a spaceman? …… park your car man!

  4. what is bruce lees favorite drink? ………. WATAAAAARR! ( oh man that’s the best)

  5. why is there no gambling in Africa?……. too many cheetahs!!!!!

  6. shouldn’t you be watchin the dead Um helloooo

  7. what if you gave those pictures to someone and told them to tag them with certain words?

  8. What if you actually called Me? 😉

  9. busy?

  10. Does My call button say ‘busy’?

  11. it did not now

  12. Then call Me, u pussy.

  13. but you will probably just embarrass me in front of everyone

  14. so where will my pics end up hmmmmm?

  15. Maybe on a certain someone’s Facebook page.

  16. um pwincess the name……….. u wouldn’t……….at liast its not on your blog

  17. Don’t worry the blog comments will get cached by all the search engines too.

  18. pwincess its wicky .. then we better get that name off if its true…….. whew least those pice weren’t up

  19. what do you think the title of my new pick should be ?

  20. avatar

    remember when you put up all that info! miss you pwincess

  21. So, let’s recap… you sent Me pix to look at knowing you had closed ur acct. Then when I took the pic down for you,not only did I not get a tribute or gift card, I didn’t even get a ‘Thanks, Pwincess’. So now ur little Ricky sticky is worked up and you want to play? Hmmm…

  22. avatar

    your right I was wrong not saying thank you for that

  23. And you were wrong for not sending a tribute for that too.

  24. avatar

    ok I was wrong

  25. So fix it, u wimp.

  26. avatar

    remember when all my info was up there?

  27. Remember when you used to call Me?

  28. reading that blog that was a nerve racking one what a wimpy fool I was

  29. hello pwincess

  30. Hi Ricky. Miss Me?

  31. I do miss the calls and you embarrassing me are you

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