Jun 152013

glory hole bitch boiSo My little glory hole bitch boi is getting blackmailed once again.  As most of you know, I really don’t do blackmail.  It’s just way too much work.  Hehe.  Well, I don’t do blackmail unless you beg Me to blackmail you.  And My little glory hole, fuck face, fag boi is always begging Me to blackmail him.

Today he sent Me his ex girlfriends phone number.  Gee, I wonder what he want Me to do with that?  Lol.  Well, I sent him to buy some panties and a butt plug (which he did like a good gurl), and then told him to go to the glory hole to suck cock for Me… again.  Hehe.

Well, after getting his panties on and the plug up his little sissy faggot ass, he decided not to go suck cock.  Um… since when do you bitches think for yourselves?  Especially if I happen to have tons of pix and vids of you in, well, embarrassing situations.

So I told glory hole bitch boi that he IS going to suck cock or I will put his ex girlfriend’s phone number up on My blog.  So here goes.  Her number is:  xxxxxxxxxx.

If My panty wearing, ass fucking, cock sucking, cum eating fag boi does not get his fairy fanny to the glory hole, I think I’ll put up both their names with her number.  Then she can find out for sure what a glory hole bitch boi he really is!

ETA:  I took down the phone number, because My good gurl went to the glory hole like I told him to.


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