Jun 052008

Ha, ha, ha, ha! What a total loser this guy is. First, he calls Me to ask what he should be ready with and what he should be thinking about cause he’s gonna call Me back in a few minutes. I’m sure his little clitty dick started to stiffen as soon as he heard My voice.

So, given the fact that I own this loser’s pathetic little cock, mind and wallet, I told him to put on a pair of his wife’s panties, think about what a sissy faggot he is, and call Me back while watching himself in a mirror.

This faggot is just too funny. The more of a loser I tell him he his, the more excitement I can hear in his voice. I love bringing him to the edge cumming and exploding his liilte load all over his panties then calling him a useless cocksucker and hanging up on him! LMAO!

I could tell that his girly stick was about to spurt and I didn’t have much time, so I told him to tribute Me and maybe when he calls Me back I will let him finger fuck his own ass. Then I hung up. Hee, hee. I knew that girly boi wouldn’t be able to control himself for long, so I raised My rates to $10/minute.

Dumb fuck called Me right back – of course! I don’t think he even got his fingers in his little ass pussy before he started squirting. Loser. I raped his wallet, fucked his mind and used him completely. 🙂

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