Feb 102013

sissy rick needs to be humiliatedPathetic Sissy Rick has reached a new low.  He will never be a real man, so he just keeps thinking of ways to humiliate and expose himself as the pathetic loser he really is.  He is still totally obsessed with a girl who thinks he is a total loser.  In fact, she just married another man.  But, poor pathetic sissy Rick keeps hoping that they will break up and that maybe he will have a chance with his dream girl some day.  Yeah…. right.

So now, Ricky wants to be their gurly shopping gopher.  Ricky wants each of them to make him go out and buy gifts for the other.  This way, they will fall deeper and deeper in love with each other, all due to Ricky’s pathetic fantasy.  Ricky’s dream girl, Denise, will send him scurrying out to buy expensive gifts for her new husband.   All on Ricky’s dime, of course.

Since he is such a pathetic sissy loser, he will go right out and do whatever she tells him to.  Then, her husband, Tony, will make him go out and buy a beautiful, expensive gift for her.  Dumb ass Ricky will keep going out, buying them gifts to give to each other, spending all his money and acting like a fool.

When he gets to their house to deliver the gifts, Ricky has to take off all his clothes before he can even ring the doorbell.  What a pathetic dork!  Then, her husband, Tony, will answer the door and inspect what Ricky has bought for his hot new wife.  If the gift is not good enough, he will just throw it out, kick Ricky’s ass and make him go and buy something better for her.

And as they give these gifts to each other that Sissy Rick has scurried around to buy, they will fall deeper on love with each other and their marriage will get stronger and stronger.  All pathetic Sissy Rick will be able to do is follow orders, hump the lawn naked and keep hoping that one day a total loser like him will have a chance with the girl of his dreams.

What do My readers think?  Does Ricky ever stand a chance with her?  Or will he always be a laughing stock and a little bitch running around trying to please her?  Leave Me a comment and let Me know what you think!  Or just tweet this blog post, so eventually she will find out all about what a pathetic sissy Ricky really is.

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    oh pwincess can u please take my name down pweeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  2. Hehehehe! Did u make nice big squirties, Ricky?

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