Feb 032013


Sissy Rick is still as pathetic as ever!  Some things never change.  I’m on the phone with him right now, and he is begging Me to humiliate him, embarrass him and boss him around like the pathetic loser wimp that he is.

Ricky is still obsessed with this girl he has known for a loooong time.  Ricky would be so embarrassed if she found out that he has been obsessed with her for years.  He’s is such a loser that he will never get a date, so he just sits home wanking about her all the time.  She would laugh hysterically if she knew the truth.

So, I think all My bitches should tweet this blog post and post it to Facebook and any other site that you can think of.  This way, every one will know what a loser Sissy Rick really is.  When she finds the truth out about Ricky, she will have so much fun taking advantage of him, laughing at him and having her new husband kick his ass.

Once she knows all about Ricky’s obsession, Ricky’s ultimate fantasy will probably cum true.  Her husband will make him mow the lawn naked, wash the car wearing only pink high heels and hump the lawn while they are having a big Super Bowl party.

And when you tweet this post, don’t forget to mention that Ricky likes to give blow jobs. naked in pink heels, 24/7.  She will really laugh at that.

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  105 Responses to “Sissy Rick is Still As Pathetic As Ever!”

  1. Um…. nope. 😉

  2. avatar

    pwincess pweeeeese

  3. Figure it out urself, u dumb ass. Nite nite. 😉

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    oh pwincess go on bing and type sissy rick images…… its on there good tthing the other pics with my face aren’t or my name right now its only if you type rick not my last

  5. I don’t see any, 🙁

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