Dec 222012

My sissy faggot is getting humiliated and exposed tonight because he has decided to be a brat and test Me.  I’ll start slow and keep adding more and more humiliating pictures or videos of My bitch boi until he says he is sorry and hands over his entire Christmas bonus to Me.  Think it was a good idea for him to test Me?

sissy faggot says he is sorry


This is the first picture is of sissy fag boi with “I’m sorry”  written on his ass from the last time he misbehaved.  Let’s see what I will do to him tonight to put him in his place.




sissy faggot cums in his face


Ok, here is the next installment.  Hehe.  It’s My sissy faggot cuming in his own face.  He is already reading this post while he is at work and with a hard sissy stick and begging Me to take it down.




sissy cum drool



Yet another installment in the adventures of My sissy faggot fuck face.  Here is a pic which grosses even Me out a little.  My little bitch’s mouth drooling out a juicy wad of cum, right after he finished sucking cock (for Me, of course).




Bitch boi and I have cum to an arrangement.  I made him strip naked and get into his panties in the bathroom where he works and send Me yet another pic.  Then, he promised to send Me his Christmas bonus tomorrow, so I let him squirt in his face in his work bathroom (LOL!), and I have now blurred his faced in these pix.  But, if he decides to test Me again, I think you know what will happen.  Hehe.

Merry Christmas, fuck face!


Princess Jewel

My pretty faggot



PS – Here is a reward for My special little faggot for sending Me his Christmas bonus today.  Doesn’t he look pretty in his bra and panties?  Such a pretty fag boi!






  6 Responses to “Sissy Faggot Gets Humiliated and Exposed”

  1. avatar

    whew good thing saminsamantha escaped your control Mistress Jewel

  2. First, you will call Me “Princess”, please. Second, you will call Me on NiteFlirt like a good gurl and I will fuck with your head. Hehe. Third, if you are wanking to My blog, make sure you send Me a tribute. 🙂 It needs to be your mission in life to be a good lil sissy fag and make Princess happy!

  3. I wish to be exposed

  4. I need exposure

  5. Princess Jewel just may be outing another sissy, all she need do is ask, or should I say command it an I will be in panties and posing for her and following her orders. Do you accept me Princess??

  6. Call Me and we shall see if you can become My sissy bitch.

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