May 252008

Pretty, pretty little sissy faggot in his lacy teddy with the satin bow. The lacy thong panties really made this sissy sooo pretty. And the finishing touch – for that slutty cock whore look – were the white fishnet thigh high stockings.

I got to see the whole outfit this afternoon on cam! This nasty little chronic mastubator loooooves to dress up like this and let all the boys (and girls) in the neighborhood see him swish around like a girly panty boy. Hahahaha! But I got to see it up close on cam!Feminization Princess Jewel

He turned his hairy sissy ass right toward the camera and shook his fairy fanny for Me! Then I watched him slide down on a nice big cock. Hearing his voice while he was taking the cock was great. It cracked and shook as his whore pussy opened up and swallowed that cock.

I teased him and made him spank his hairy sissy ass and tell everyone in the neighborhood who was watching what a sick fuck he is. It was great – watching him ride that big dildo in his ass pussy while he recited all sorts of sing songy faggot chants.

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. He went and got a glass to squirt his sissy load into. Then he really started going to town stroking his clitty cock. Lol. While he was getting to the edge, I told him to cum into the glass because he is going to drink a sissy slurpee when he’s done. Hahahaha! He kept saying “I want a sissy slurpy, I want a sissy slurpy” and that got him so worked up that he got one! He drank every drop.

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