Jun 012012

My bitch in his sissy pantiesMy drunk little glory hole sissy boi really needs to be put in his place tonight.  I guess he doesn’t believe Me when I tell him that I am going to put his sissy fag cock sucking videos and panty boi pictures here on My blog for the whole world to see.  But since he is all drunk and full of himself, he needs to be taught a lesson.

Sissy bois who beg Me to be blackmailed into sucking cock, wearing panties and going to the sleazy fag glory hole really should learn not to get all uppity.  But, I know you boyz have to test Me once in a while to see if I will really put you in your place and make you do what I said I would.

So here’s a video of My pretty little glory hole sissy boi to punish him for thinking that he is some sort of man (hahahaha).

ETA:  My sissy bitch  boi has redeemed himself, so I took down the video of his face saying he was going to the glory hole to suck cock for Me and replaced it with this pic of his little bitch ass cheeks in his sissy panties at work.

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