Sep 282008

I spoke to the masturbast-ion princess this afternoon.  He had been prancing around in a white baby doll all day.  I asked him why he likes this baby doll so much and he said because of the way the skirt flairs out when he twirls around!  I think he might need a ballet lesson.

He was really worked up because he had been playing all afternoon – fucking himself with a cock, prancing around like a girly whore and saving his cum.  This faggot slut loves to perform in public.  I guess that there is just nothing quite like exposing yourself and your sissiness to all your friends and neighbors!

So I had him get down on the floor and stick his faggot ass up in the air.  I put him on stage, opened the curtain and made him put on a HOT and HUMILIATING show.  First, I had the guy that he watches at the gym cum up on stage.  I made the princess confess all his cocksucking and cum eating desires to him.  Then, of course, I had the guy fuck his sissy ass pussy with a hig dildo right on stage in front of everybody.

I did all sorts of other humiliating things to him too.  But the best was when I made him take the cock out of his ass pussy, rub it all over his face, dip it in the cum he had saved from earlier and beg to have his face shot full of cum!  As soon as I mentioned shooting his cum at his face from a turkey baster, this faggot slut was in the kitchen trying to find one.

He couldn’t find one, so instead, I had him hold the former ass dildo over his face and told him to pour the cum onto the dildo.  What a cum slut!  The cum dripped down all over his sissy faggot face and he LOVED it!  Lol.  He shot a huge load of sissy juice out of his clitty dick and drank that down too.  What a good little faggot!

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