May 252008

I just finished the funniest fetish phonesex call!! You know, if I was reading this blog, I wouldn’t believe half the stuff in it. But – it’s all true! Where do you guys GET this stuff??!! 🙂

NiteFlirt called Me and when I answered the phone, I heard this whiny girly voice telling Me he wants to be My bitch. Then, he told Me that he heard My phone introduction and heard My “Sissy, sissy faggot” song! Well, I really love making these girly boys sing that ridiculous song. So, in no time, I had him chanting and sing songing “I’m a sissy, sissy faggot” over and over again!

Now, if that wasn’t enough fun, then he tells Me that he is wearing an Alice in Wonderland costume that he ordered on the internet. OMFG! He described the costume and it sounded just like Alice – down to the anklet socks, blue dress, apron and mary jane shoes.

Then he tells Me he has a dildo and the fun really began. I made him take the eight inch dildo in his sissy hole, and made sure that he could see himself in a mirror. Ha, ha, ha! Then I told him to say “Fuck Me, I’m Alice in Sissyland” while he took the cock in his pussy.

That got him so worked up he could barely speak, so I knew it was time to really get him going. Hee, hee. Since I was on a roll in terms of hanging up on faggots, I told him I was going to double My rate and hang up. If he came without calling back, or if he didn’t call back, he’s blocked!

Of course, he called back. I had so much fun with him that I finally let him explode all over his petticoats. NiteFlirt feminization phonesex is the best! I heart it so much!

Do you love feminization phonesex too? Call Me, bitch!

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