Sep 102011

I had to punish one of My naughty sissy boys the other night.  I think it’s kind of funny when you sissy sluts try and test Me.  Even the little bit of testosterone that sissy faggots have sometimes gets all worked up and you sluts think that you are actually men.  Um… yeah… sure.  Hehe.

Double click on the pic to see his video!

Anyway, this naughty sissy boy was putting an ad on Craig’s List for a nice big cock or two.  But, he thought that he would test Me and act like a little bratty girl and say in the ad that he wanted some cock or a femme domme that he will serve as a slave.  Then, he sent Me the link to the ad.  Big mistake.

I mean really!  Did he think that I would just let that slide?  I always say that you sissy sluts can serve or call whoever you want.  Just be warned, that you will get what you deserve.  And, of course, you’ll be back… begging for My attention like the horny little whores you are.

So after I saw his cock sucking ad, I told him to go find another Princess if that was what he wanted.  Hahaha.  It took about 10 seconds before he was begging and pleading for Me not to be angry with him.  And, to be honest, I really wasn’t all that angry.  But, he didn’t know that (guess he does now – lol).  I just had fun punishing him and making him scramble around, getting his panties in a bunch (his words, not Mine), trying to get Me to forgive him.

So, My naughty sissy boy got punished and had to make Me this video.  It’s pretty humiliating, I think.  He also had to send Me a tribute and apologize over and over again.  I love controlling and emasculating you horny sissy fags like that.  I had him totally worked up into a sissy frenzy – what a silly girl!

In case you can’t see the embedded video, you can watch the shaved sissy boy here.

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