May 252008

Ha, ha, ha!!!! Got off the phone with one of My losers a little while ago. I really enjoyed getting into his head, helping Myself to his wallet and making him oink!!!!! What a fool. He knows that I own his pathetic little clitty dicklet, and he knows he is useless as a man.

During our phonesex call, I had him dressed up in nothing but a pink tutu and pink leather collar and leash. Then, I cuckolded and humiliated his little dick by inviting over some of his friends. Lol! I invited over an old girlfriend of his – you know – the one he never got over, the one he still dreams about – and a mutual friend of theirs and we had a great time! Well, at least I did!

This faggot cuckold took his girlfriend’s strap on in his bitch pussy, sucked her boyfriend’s huge cock (which had just been in his girlfriend’s ass!), fingered his own ass and begged his friend to fuck his girlfriend with a big, hard, real man’s cock – like she deserves.

Do you know I had this loser whore oinking?! It was great. I hung up on him twice. Each time, I told him to tribute Me before he called back. And I told him that if he didn’t, he couldn’t cum and that he would be blocked and would never get to hear My voice in his disgusting ear again. So, of course, he tributed Me, his Princess, each time I hung up on him.

When he called back the second time, I told him to start oinking! At first he wasn’t too good at it, but I told him to make it more nasal, and soon he was snorting and oinking like the loser pig he is!! LMAO!!

Do you know what finally made this cuckold cocksucker squirt? I told him his girlfriend was screaming “My pussy is going to cum all over your friend’s big hard cock!” Ha, ha – that pushed him right over the edge and he squirted his pathetic loser load of cum.

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  3 Responses to “He’s a Cuckold, Loser, Shrimp Dick, Sissy Faggot Pig All-In-One!”

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    looking for abuseive domme . i am understand i am a looser . need and i mean need mental abusu very very heavy . forced pimping . and service to couple s ..

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    cuckolding creampie dinner are great ass licking is great i seek to server and suffer

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    Princess Jewel,

    You are absolute perfection and I yearn to suck cock for Your amusement. Please turn me into the sissy faggot that i am so You can laugh and humiliate me in front of Your hung studs and beautiful girlfriends. You are the Highest of all Highnesses.

    Submissively Yours,

    sissy bobbie

    P.S. Thank You Goddess for breathing.

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