Sep 282008

I have been meaning to write about this for a really long time.  I have been very busy working on some other projects, though, and got very behind on My blogging.  I really do enjoy writing about all you girly boys!I am a faggot cock sucker

Anyway, I have made another brand new cock sucker!  Sissy faggot bottle boy finally was so overwhelmed by his desire to be a cock sucking faggot whore that he popped his faggot cherry recently.  Read the comments associated with the post I liked to in the previous sentence, and you will be able to read ALL about his faggot adventures!

I just have to say that even though he wrote the comment on My blog right after he got his sissy pussy fucked, it just wasn’t the same thing as hearing him tell Me exactly what happened.  His voice was quivering and he was gasping as he relived being an actual faggot cocksucker all over again.  When he told Me about getting fucked, sissy bitch almost couldn’t contain himself.  Hearing all about it was really HOT.  Knowing that I gave him a much needed push in the cocksucking direction was even hotter!

I spoke to the bottle fucker again tonight and really drove him crazy.  I think I may have mentioned how much I enjoy having My phonesex faggot bitches in the palm of My hand.  This fetish phone sex call was no exception.  He has this fantasy about sucking the cock of one of his good friends while the friends wife watches. 

That’s nothing new.  But the fun part is that every time he sees them, he steals a pair of her dirty panties.  Sissy bitch sniffs them, licks them and always winds up wearing them.  Anyway, you should have heard him tonight.  I was making him say how much he wants his friend’s cock.  In the past, I’ve told him to think of being his friend’s bitch everytime he is there.  Now I know that the idea is planted in his brain, and that every time he goes to visit this couple, he won’t be able to stop thinking about being their sissy slut!

He really got hot tonight.  The way he exploded while imagining his friend fucking his sissy ass pussy was unbelievable!  I told him what a good girl he is for being a panty stealing, cock sucking, sissy faggot whore!

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  18 Responses to “Another New Cock Sucking Sissy Faggot”

  1. I live every day to be a feminine sissy and suck cock. I think about it all day long.

  2. You’re a sissy, sissy faggot… a sissy, sissy faggot!

  3. Good heavens, I hope I’m a sissy cock sucker and lube up my pussy for a really huge cock stuffed in me to the core. I love to be fucked and while you are cumming in me, I’m bringing you to a massive climax in my mouth. I especially like your wife fucking me in the ass while I suck off your huge cock and swallow every drop

  4. What a fag whore you are. Call Me and I’ll turn you into the sleazy slut you need to be.

  5. I’m straight but I have sucked cock before. I now have a girlfriend but I want to suck cock again. I have no attraction to men but I love cock. Am I still straight because I’m not attracted to men. If I am a faggot, I would like you to give me a new sissy name.

  6. I also love wearing makeup and women’s clothing.

  7. Call Me, Roy boi, and you’ll get a pretty new sissy name, then we’ll send you out to suck cock like a girly whore!

  8. Before I call, I have some questions. Do you accept green dot cards, is my girlfriend gonna have to know that I will be your newest cocksucker, and the only panties I own are pink thongs all with various designs and I was wondering how often should I wear them?

  9. No, you faggot, I only accept calls on NiteFlirt. Be a good bitch and call Me and I will answer all your other questions! 🙂

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    I’m a closet sissy faggot – all I think about is sucking cock while wearing my favorite panties and cami..Am I queer?

  11. Well, duh! Of course you’re a sissy faggot queer. Hehehe.

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    I just wanted to “SAY” Sucking a “DICK” is such a Beautiful experience; To feel a man get hard in my mouth, & with good movement, & sucking power, & seconds later, to taste his special gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was beautiful, I came in my Panties… I “LOVE” being a girl,(WOMAN). LOVE Sissyswallows

  13. Just getting into Alt. Life style. Love sucking Tranny cock. I want to continue to becoming a cock sucking panty wearing whore. What do I need to do next

  14. You need to be a good lil bitch boi and call Me.

  15. Hi princess I’ve recently sucked my first cock while dressed like a slut and loved every second of it. I want u to make me realize more of my sissy desires. When can I talk to u about this special side of me

  16. Be a good gurl and call Me on NiteFlirt and tell Me all about it!

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    I’ve been with many men but it’s never enough wish I could find a steady man to please

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