Jan 162011

glory hole cock suckerI just got a call tonight from this sleazy glory hole faggot.  He was all worked up telling Me about how much he loves to suck big black cock.  And here’s the proof of what a horny little cock sucker he is.

He goes to the glory hole all the time too.  Then gets down on his knees, like a good faggot should, and waits for the big black cocks to start to poke through the hole.

He kept telling Me that he will only suck big black cock.  Um… is that supposed to make Me think that he’s not really a fag?  Don’t think so!

All he wanted was to hear Me tell him to suck that big black cock over and over again.  Hehe.  But at first, he kind of demanded that I say that to him.  So, of course, I made him ask Me nicely.

I think that is so humiliating –  to be told that you must ask Me nicely to order you to suck that big black cock.  Lol.  So when the cock whore asked again, in a more appropriate way, I was only happy to oblige.

Suck that cock, you sleazy cock whore!  Suck that big black cock until you gag.  Suck and slurp that cock like the little fag whore you are until your face is wet and sticky with his delicious load of chocolate jizz.

Good girl!  😉

  7 Responses to “Glory Hole Faggot”

  1. These are awesome pictures, Princess Jewel! Very inspiring. Makes me want to go back to my nearest ABS and suck more cocks for you.

    This guy has got a great setup though… Big black cocks at a glory hole? Wow!


  2. I am a closeted glory hole faggot from Ma. who needs to reveal all my nasty submissive cock sucking experiences Iv’e had, not only at glory holes but also rest areas and truck stops. I become so excited when I know someone is about to treat like the slut I want to be. If you command me to admit this fact openly I will. I will give you my name, # and any other info you want. I will give you total control over any info I give you.

    Thank You Mistress

  3. I like sucking cocks through glory holes too. The feeling of just being there for real men to use as an anonymous semen receptacle is a real turn on for me. It would be even better if I was ordered to do it by a superior woman.

    Something I wish for but have not experienced yet would be to have a woman force me to dress like a sissy slut and suck off several men while a group of women watch, take pictures, and humiliate me.

    Best wishes for you Ma’am.


  4. Call Me, u sleazy fag! 😉

  5. avatar

    i need a bbc in my white ass princess

  6. Call Me, bitch boi and I’ll make you beg for it.

  7. avatar

    im from france and i am a totaly fuckin sissy faggot

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