Dec 142010

Sissies and cock suckers spoil Princess Jewel for the holidays!  I love abusing My sissy and cock sucking faggots all year long.  But this time of the year is the time that you inferior male sluts can show Princess just how much you love Me.

You know that your little cocks squirt harder than ever when I turn you into slobbering cock whores, so don’t deny yourself the pleasure of saying “THANK YOU, PRINCESS!”

I give you the gift of the most intense orgasms your little dicks have ever had all year long, so now it’s time to give back.  Hehe.  Click on My Wishlist button and buy Me a nice little (or big) present to show Me just how much you love Me.

I love surprises and presents!  So if you enjoy the way I turn you into a sleazy, whimpering, slobbering, cock sucking girly bitch, then go ahead and start shopping.  If you don’t enjoy the way I turn you into a helpless little emasculated bitch, then go right ahead and click onto another page.  But, if you need to be My slutty little cock worshiper, covered and dripping with a creamy load of cum, then perhaps you should show Princess your gratitude. 😉


Princess Jewel

PS –  I love all My ridiculous little sissy faggots.  🙂  HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL!!!

  2 Responses to “Sissies & Cock Suckers Spoil Princess Jewel for the Holidays!”

  1. So far I have been doing it all except on a real cock. I just am scared of becoming a faggot. I love women. I just want some cock in my ass and mouth.

  2. Then you are already a lil fag. Call Me and we’ll take you even further.

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