Dec 112010

I’ve been talking to My crossing dressing sissy boy for long time now, but have never written about him in any of My blogs.  The horny little bitch almost never has enough money to call Me, but is always seeking My attention.  Well, I guess I have made him wait long enough.  Not only am I adding the horny little cross dressing sissy to My blog, I am giving him the coveted (coveted?  hehe) Silver Slut Award as well!  Lucky whore.

It definitely took him a while to earn it, but I think going outside dressed from head to toe as a girl with a vibrator up his ass just because I told him to should give him the honor.  Hahaha.

He called last week and went on cam for Me.  My horny little bitch was all dressed up as a girl.  He had on a wig, dress, stockings… everything!  When he went on to cam for Me, I couldn’t help cracking up because he looked so silly.

As soon as he mentioned that he had a vibrator there, I made him turn around and watched the cross dressing sissy boy shove it up his ass pussy.  How ridiculous he looked.  I made him wiggle all over that cock in his ass like the sleazy little girly whore he is.  And, oh yeah, I also took a screen shot of it.  Maybe I’ll publish the picture of him dressed like that too.  Lol.

After all that, he was so worked up that he actually screwed up the courage to go outside dressed like a girl!  It was just too funny.  Out he went in his dress, stockings, wig and, of course the vibrator in his sissy pussy.  He sounded soooo scared and soooo excited.  Needless to say, when it was all over, he had squirted himself silly!  So, if you’re a cross dressing sissy boy, hurry up and call Me too.

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