May 242008

Sucky, sucky, CuckyI met a new little girly cuckold tonight. His girlfriend picked out My listing and told him to call Me. Of course, he was being punished for being a sissy, because she was out getting a real man’s cock. Ha, ha, ha!

This little faggot cuckold was all dressed up in A whorish red dress, red high heels and had cock sucker red lipstick on. His girlfriend gave him orders to have the lipstick smeared all over his dildo when she got home. I like the way she thinks! A little sissy girly boy like that must be cuckolded and put into his place.

So My new cuckold had instructions to call Me and to be sucking his dildo at just about the same time as she was sucking her date’s huge cock. It was great. I made him brush his fingers up and down the dildo, which was suction cupped onto a mirror. And then I made him start to lick it. Then I told him to start slurping – just like his girlfriend was probably doing to someone else’s monster cock.

Poor little girly boy, he couldn’t hold out at all. He squirted his sissy load all over himself and could barely speak. Hee, hee – that’s what I call a good little nasty cuckold!

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  One Response to “My New Little Cuckold”

  1. Princess, was just reading this to recall our first ever phone call. What a wonderful journey it has been since then. Thank You for all the coaching and erotic emasculation over the years – I will always be your devoted, perverted little sissy slut.

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