Apr 072010

As I’m sure many of you know, NiteFlirt has been doing some upgrades for the last several months.  As a result a few glitches have appeared.  Some of you may be having trouble connecting when calling lately.  Here are a few fixes so that you can call Me and empty those pesky little balls.


  • If you are trying to connect by pressing My call button and can’t, try calling Me through the 1-800-TO FLIRT.
  • Saving Me in your Favorite Flirts will make it easier to call via 1-800-TO FLIRT.
  • If this doesn’t work and you must enter My extension, it is:  01-90-314-6.

In addition, CALL BUTTONS MAY NOT BE ENTIRELY ACCURATE.  If you want to call Me and My call button says BUSY or AWAY, try EMAILING ME. I may really be available to emasculate you.

If all else fails, send a SUPPORT TICKET (<– if that link does not work, sign in to your NiteFlirt account and click it again) into Customer Service.  They have been working hard to get these issues fixed and should reply quickly.  Letting Niteflirt know about any problems you may be having helps them to get the issue fixed faster.  Try to be as specific as you can about what is happening.

Talk to you soon, you faggot;)


Princess Jewel

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