Jul 182010

sissy rick the loserI just spoke to Sissy Rick the loser.  He is soooo pathetic.  He always calls Me with these wild scenarios of his total humiliation.

Tonight he wanted Me to lock him in his car totally naked, wearing pink high heels with ‘Pussy’ written on his ass.  Then, he wanted Me to park the car outside the bar where the girl he drools over but will never have a chance with is hanging out.

Of course, I totally laughed at him for about 15 minutes, but then we got into his humiliation fantasy.  And one thing led to another and I wound up posting this pathetic picture of him here in My blog.

I have his complete name, home address and phone number.  Think I should post them along with his picture?!  Hahaha.  The funniest thing is that as I am writing this (the picture was already up), My phone rang.  I thought it was going to be Sissy Rick begging Me to remove his pathetic sissy face from My blog, but it was some other sissy bitch.  So, I guess Ricky the wimp boy will just have to wait.  How pathetic!

ETA:  Orig pic with Sissy Rick’s pathetic face in full view and his full name will be replaced into this post at My discretion.  I took them down to avoid excessive free wanking.


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  27 Responses to “Sissy Rick the Pussy Loser”

  1. wonder what his face looks like?

  2. Wanna’ see his, I mean, YOUR face, you total pussy? That can be arranged quite easily.

  3. what does his face look like?

  4. Buy Me a Christmas present and you’ll find out!

  5. he looks like a wimp

  6. You’re getting desperate for Me, aren’t you? Hehe. Be a good boy and re-open your NiteFlirt account. You know it’s only a matter of time until you succumb to Me again, Ricky. 😉

  7. wonder what his name is? i might know him

  8. maybe we should take it down PLEASE PRINCESS!

  9. Hahahaha – I’ll take it down when I’m good and ready, Ricky.

  10. oh its still up how many days are you going to keep it up? did you send anymore messages to the men!

  11. i left my collarme profile blank for you

  12. Ur such a dork, Ricky!

  13. whew good thing i saw that i could have been on facebook

  14. HAHAHAHAHA! Ricky, you are such a pathetic wanker! Faaacebooooook… hahahaha. Getting hot now?

  15. avatar

    a HELLO YES(you wouldnt}

  16. theres a story sweatergirl its a sissy story its defiitely me

  17. Ok, I give up – wtf are you talking about, you pussy?

  18. a story ! google sweatergirl sissy stories geeez its self explanatory princess i dont know how clearer it can be oh i guess your not thinking about what im thinking about sorry princess

  19. You’re so fucked up, Ricky! Btw – have you ever heard of punctuation?

  20. well leaving for the day guess i wont be able to check my account and take anything down till i get back ! ! ! (punctuation)

  21. Ok, now try some commas, you pathetic loser pussy boi.

  22. avatar

    commas are for wimps,,,however ,,if i see a comma on collarme….. well then,,,,,, did you know comma, that there is this huge outdoor cinco demayo thing , comma going on where everyone is at comma what if my profile was copied and put in the portopotties at this event ,comma how embarrassing and there are some girls on who are close ,comma who would know the place ,comma the place is …..J _ A-_L_ _ _ _ _

  23. Not only are you a pathetic excuse for a man, I think you are illiterate too… 😉

  24. avatar

    oh cmon im just here to make you laugh

  25. And you do a fine job of that!!!!!! Hehehe…

  26. avatar

    i am a pillow humping loser princess

  27. Hahahahaha, Call Me, you loser and I’ll put you in your place!

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