May 232008

Wow! I can’t believe how well My new phonesex fetish website and blog have taken off! So many sissies, cocksuckers and faggots have visited My blog, bought My pictures and sent Me sissy humiliation pictures for Me to post. I now have several sissy and small penis humiliation photos in My gallery. You can buy the password for $1 and view them here. So far, I have sold lots and lots of passwords, and have given the password out to lots of My friends. My sissy and small penis humiliation pictures are getting tons of hits on My site!

I’ve also gotten lots of tributes from My new fetish website and blog! I love getting prezzies! I’m well on My way to getting My new flat panel tv (not transvestite – lol!), and have gotten a bunch of tributes from My devotes sissies, cocksuckers and bitches!

I have been very lazy about making My recorded listings. But, I am going to add some very soon! That page has gotten a lot of hits too, so I know all My cum sluts are waiting. 🙂

You have all been very good little sluts, pets, bitches and whores and have really gotten My blog and website off to a great start! If there is a suggestion that you have, something that you would like to see on My blog or website, leave Me a comment here and I’ll see what I can do. If you have a specific idea for a recorded listing, you can also comment here.

Until then, get down on your knees, send Me a tribute and thank Me for being your special phonesex Princess.

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