May 232008

I just spoke to one of My fun regular phone sex customers, Mr. B. He usually calls Me for a roleplay. He just loves it when I am his barely legal neighbor and I drive him wild. Hee, hee, it’s so much fun too. I love to hear how completely horny and hard I can get him. It kinda’ gets Me horny too. 🙂

Well, tonight I thought I would try something different and see what happened. So, I asked him if he would like to taste My pussy juice. When he said yes, I told him it was all over My boyfriend’s cock. We got really kinky and I fed him My boyfriend’s cock and had him lick all of My pussy juice off of it while I watched.

There was lots more to it. The whole call got Me very, very horny. Plus he had a new toy on his cock, and the thought of that was kinda’ hot too. I must just be extra horny tonight, because after I had my boyfriend cum all over his face, I slipped My pussy down on his cock, pressed My body against his, and kissed all of My boyfriend’s cum off of his face. Yum!

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