May 082009

My humiliating Sissy Sissy Faggot song

I just spoke to a brand new Sissy, Sissy Faggot!  I really like to talk to sissy boys when they are new to phone sex and nervous.  Something about that that is so much fun!  I love to take that nervousness and uncomfortability and turn it into sexual excitement.  There’s just something about getting a guy really hot and uncomfortable at the same time.  Mmmmm!!!

This little panty bitch had already listened to My Sissy, Sissy Faggot song last week.  He said how much he liked My ridiculous sissy humiliation song and then he sang it back to Me.  Hahaha!  I asked him what made him decide to call My phone sex feminization listing and he said that he had enjoyed My blog and liked the way I phrased things.  What things?  Things like ‘sticky and dripping with cum’!

So what else could I do?  I had to dress him in panties, smear his lips with bright pink lipgloss and get him ready to suck cock.  That got him really hot, too.  That’s how I can tell the noobs – they still think panties and lipgloss are humiliating.  Hehe.  My expert sissy cock suckers know that I can be FAR MORE humiliating than that.

I am looking forward to humiliating this panty boy again soon.  Just think about what I might have in store for him!  If you haven’t heard My Sissy, Sissy Faggot song, click the button and you can get humiliated too.  Listen to it now!

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