May 162008

Pink satin corset, pink satin elbow length gloves, pink satin crotchless panties, light pink stockings and pink patent leather stilettos. Such a delicate, feminine, pretty, soft, satiny, nasty faggot cock whore.

I love to drive My pink satin faggot crazy. I know just how to get him exactly where I want him. On his knees – begging for cock. And this little girly whore loves the way I say “cock”. I say it over and over again to make My faggot bitch beg and drip… “cock… cock whore… cock slut… cock sucker…” Hee, hee. It gets him drooling and begging for Me to feed him.

I make him touch the cock… tease the cock… smell the cock… taste the cock… lick the cock, suck the cock, gag on the cock… Little by little, My pink satin cum slut gets more and more worked up – his voice gets more and more excited – until he is begging for a face full of cum.

I love dressing him up as My cocksucking faggot and driving him into a cum craving frenzy. He is My good little girly bitch, My sensual little cockwhore and My nasty little cum slut. So much fun!

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