Apr 062009

My faggot fiesta boy called Me the other night.  As soon as I answered the phone I could tell something was up.  Besides his little dick, I mean.  It was pretty late at night too, so I knew he had been up to something.  He was panting and moaning like a horny little bitch before I even said hello.  Lol.

It turns out that fiesta boy had just cum from the gay bath house.  He likes to go there every so often and troll for cock.  He usually catches one, too.  That night, he caught two.  Nasty little faggot!

He was panting and breathless as he told Me all about how he had just gotten fucked – hard.  He told Me all about how some other guy was in the room with them watching and how he sucked that guy’s cock too.  Then I realized why he was soooo horny and worked up.  They refused to let him cum.

Well, those of you who know Me know that I had to take advantage of his desperation!  I started teasing him that I wasn’t going to let him cum either.  I had My horny little cock sucker going crazy.  I was telling him how I was going to make him wait until the next day to cum and that I was going to get off from knowing that he was being tortured!  Hehe.  I can’t help it.  That’s hot!  The thought of him trying to sleep while he was completely worked up and almost in pain with the need to cum was really hot!  🙂

Then My little cock sucker told Me all about how he changed into stockings and stroked all the way home from the bath house.  He was desperate to cum and to be My cum eating bitch.  Poor little sissy faggot.  I really did love teasing him about not letting him cum and about not letting him eat his cum for Me.
Finally, I figured he had suffered enough.  Besides, My pussy was dripping wet from tormenting him.  So, I finally let him squirt.  I let him squirt his sissy juice while he told Me all about what a little faggot fuck hole he is.  Then, I made him slurp up all his cum like a good girl.

I wound up being on a phone sex call with him for quite a while.  How many times did My sissy faggot cock sucking cum eating fiesta boy wind up squirting?  Three times, I think.  Hehe.  He’s probably still all hot and horny about his bath house banging!

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  One Response to “Bath House Banging!”

  1. I love going trolling for cock and relaying my experiences back to you. I always have you in the back of my mind when I’m on the prowl. If you have any ideas for my next outing, just let me know. I’ll be going out again later this week.

    And yes I was still all hot and horny the next day, but I was just too worn out to do anything. So I spent Saturday lounging around the house in my favorite panties and a t shirt. Cum to think of it, I think that’s how I spend most of my Saturdays. Just a little more wore out this time I guess.

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