Mar 212009

I spoke to the fireball faggot again the other night.  I think he reached new lows in faggot loser humiliation.  It was hilarious.  This guy is a public bus driver.  He is also a pathetic loser pervert faggot.

So anyway, fireball boy called Me from his bus when no one was on it.  The horny little faggot just couldn’t help himself.  He needed a dose of My special femdom Princess humiliation.  He had his little dicklet out and was all excited to hear My voice.  So, of course I had to take complete advantage of his weakness.

He was begging Me to be allowed to play with his pathetic little dicklet.  But I couldn’t just let him touch it.  So, I asked him what was around in the bus.  He said nothing really.  Then I asked him if there was any garbage on the floor.  Hehe.

He told Me there was a dirty napkin on the floor.  I made faggot boy pick it up and told him to wrap it around his sissy stick.  But first, I told him that his dicklet would fall off if he jerked it with the dirty napkin, but he didn’t care.  He was just too desperate and horny.  Ewwwwww.

So loser, fireball, faggot boy wrapped the dirty napkin from the floor of the bus and jerked his pathetic dicklet with it.  I told him he could only cum into the napkin and that he had to wipe his sissy slime all over the steering wheel so that he would have sissy cum hands all day.  Hahahaha!  What a loser!

  3 Responses to “Fireball Faggot Gets Humiliated”

  1. Hey Princess Jewel!
    Just love reading about these stupid assholes and the new lows that they hit with us everyday! HAHAHA great post on this stupid fuck of a bus driver..what a LOSER!!!

  2. avatar

    i love your page GODDESS! have you ever made any sissy faggots wear diapers. it is quiet humiliating to wear them for being a baby dicked loser. i can testify!

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