Mar 122009

Every once in a while, I read through My feedback.  Of course, most of you worship the ground I walk on.  But not You're not a man, you're a sissy sissy faggot.every Domme and sub click together or are a good match, so there’s always a discontented fool (not a Jewel’s fool – lol!) or two leaving less than optimal feedback.  No big deal.

What really stays in My mind when I read My feedback are comments like the one left recently for My Sissy Sissy Faggot song.  The comment is “A true classic”.  That cracked Me up!  Thank you to My good little bitch who wrote it.  It was well deserved, of course.  But, if you have heard the Sissy Sissy Faggot Song, you will know how utterly ridiculous and humiliating the song is.

My little song isn’t long, only two or three minutes, but I manage to pack a big load of sissy humiliation into those couple of minutes.  I just sing and chant that you are not a real man – you are a Sissy Sissy Faggot!  It’s been a pretty big hit – lots of My sluts love it when I sing song it to them on the phone.  You can click the button above to hear it 24 / 7.

So when I think of that song, and I think of the feedback “A true classic”, I can’t help but crack up.  A classic!  Hahahaha!  Yes… it’s a sissy humiliation classic!  You sissy faggots are so lucky.  I spoil you almost as much as you spoil Me.  Superb phone sex humiliation at a very reasonable price… lots of recordings to listen to if I am not available… a hand picked list of the very best femdom flirts of NiteFlirt for you to call when I am not logged on… and a network of blogs, sissy and femdom porn, and VERY HOT (and true) phone sex stories posted on My blogs.

So when a devoted slut does something that deserves recognition, he is also lucky that I enjoy posting about such things.  The Sissy Sissy Faggot Song is “a true classic”!  That’s hilarious.  I also love some of MGolden Cock phone sex awardy other comments and feed back like “Great recording, maybe the sexiest voice on night flirt”,  “I worship Princess Jewel forever” and “god that was so fucking hot! would love to listen to that over and over… and probably will”.  Such good little faggots to write those compliments that I so totally deserve.  🙂

As for the one or two who were less than satisfied, that’s ok.  I’m sure they will find another flirt who they click with.  But, unfortunately for them, they will be deprived of wonderful Me.  Lol.  So now that I think of it, those of you who left such amusing feedback for My Sissy Sissy Faggot Song (and all My other listings and blogs too), here is a collective Golden Cock Award for putting a smile on My pretty face and for making Me laugh!  Good girls!

…The Sissy Sissy Faggot Song – A true classic…  OMG, I’m still cracking up!  🙂

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