Oct 082015

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Feb 062009

Hahahaha!  That’s what one of My sissy bitches just told Me on our phone sex call.  That’s hilarious!  I asked him why not a Golden Cock Award and he said that he would work towards it and do anything I ask.  What a good girl!

I have only mentioned this panty boy once before.  The poor little bitch never had a blogSissy Silver Slut Award post of his own.  Well, I suppose saying “Princess, may I please pull down my panties and fuck My sissy ass pussy with a screw driver” will get him into Jewel’s Fools sissy blog!

It was soooo funny.  He could hardly contain himself.  I made him bend over the side of the bed and hump it with his panties in place in the front while he fucked that sissy ass pussy with a screw driver.  He’s too much of a wuss to get a cock to fuck, so he uses the end of a screw driver.

I had to humiliate him.  I mean, how could I pass it up!?  So I told him that in order to earn a Golden Cock Award, he might require power tools.  LOL!!!!  Then I made him say more humiliating stuff like “Nail me” and “Screw me” while humping the bed in his panties.

Between the sissy humiliation and the screw driver up his ass, sissy boy could hardly contain himself.  His voice was shaking as he twirled the screw driver in his ass pussy and humped the bed.  It wasn’t long at all before he creamed his sissy panties for Me like a good girl.  Hahahahahaha!

BTW – Don’t do this at home (hehe)!  I have told sissy bitch several times that it is not a good idea to shove a screw driver up his ass – even if it is the handle end.  I need your sissy pussies in tact so that I can fuck you again tomorrow.

Jan 072009

I must admit that I have really fallen behind on this one.  But, finally, an award for the Masturbation Princess!  He is probably long overdue for a Golden Cock Award, but on this occasion I have to demote this sissy sissy faggot  ever so slightly to a Silver Slut.  I’ll explain why later.

Actually, I alreSilver Slut Award for my sissy slutady wrote some of the story in My new creampiecumeating blog. This cock loving faggot got so hot putting on his masturbation show.  Lol.  So, I worte all about it in My new blog and emailed him the link.

Don’t you know that this sissy sissy faggot had to get his panties out again (he has to hide them) after he read My blog post?

Hehe.  He called Me back, but only had a few more minutes alone, so he had to be careful.  Imaging getting caught in a pair of panties and being outed as a cock loving sissy faggot?

It didn’t take him long, though to get all worked up again.  He got really worked up!  Thinking about My blog post describing what a sissy whore he is really made him crazy.  I told him he was allowed to squirt his sissy juice for Me, since he was squirting for being My bitch.  He really went over the top.  He came good and hard, but didn’t really ease up when he was done cumming for cock.  He started to cum again.  What a faggot!  He was having multiple orgasms for being My slutty faggot whore.

So why the Silver Slut Award and not a Golden Cock?  Well, he probably does deserve a Golden Cock Award for his general antics.  But he only gets the Silver Slut for running out of money in his NiteFlirt phone sex account just as he started to cum for the second time.  I love hearing that kind of stuff.  You sluts are soooo overwhelmed by your faggot orgasms that it makes you vulnerable and easy to addict!

So I guess this is one advantage to being a real Princess, as opposed to a sissy faggot Masturbation Princess.  Since I am the true Princess, I get to decide who gets what award.  I almost upgraded this girly bitch to a Golden Cock, because he is the first one to register on My new creampiecumeating.com blog.  But – he didn’t write a post for Me yet, so I will have to tease this nasty faggot slut by with holding My highest honor.  Of course, winning  the Silver Slut award is quite an achievement, so the MasturbationFaggot Girly Princess should be very proud.  Hehehe.

Nov 132008

I love playing with this cock slut.  I have such a good time making him My slinky slutty bitch!  Well, the other night we did some shopping.  IM shopping that is – on Dumb Ass’s dime.  Lol.  While Dumb Ass was snoring into the phone, I went corset shopping with My cock sucker.

I’ve been looking for lots of cross dressing websites, sissy sites, make up tips, etc for all My girly boys.  So we went to superdresses and had a great time finding slinky slutty things for him to wear.  All in all, we picked out such a hot slutty outfit to turn him into a cock sucking faggot whore!

We picked out gloves, stockings, shoes, and a beautiful satin corset.  What a hot bitch!  I just love making him My whore.  He gets so into being My cock sucking bitch.  I made him slink and crawl across the floor to My strap on cock.  I made him BEG for My strap on cock, and I rubbed the strap on all over his faggot face.

Eventually, I had him suck My strap on cock, I made him suck a real cock, I fucked him with My strap on and I had him feeling a big hard cock sliding in between his faggot hand and his satin corset.  It drove him crazy!!  Mmmm. But that was later on when he called Me.

While we were still IMing and Dumb Ass was snoring on the phone, we found the perfect outfit to make him into a girly bitch.  We talked all about how the satin corset should fit to give him that smooth, hourglass, girly, slutty shape.

So what was his confession?  Well, I’ve talking to him for such a long time  :), but I never knew that he had sucked tranny cock!  I got so hot when he told Me all about it.  He loved being a little cock sucker and loved being with a shemale, but was very disappointed that none of the shemales could cum.  My little cock bitch craves a big warm creamy mouthful!

I really got into hearing all about him being a true cocksucker.  You sluts know how much I get off on that.  So what I want to know is this.  I have had mixed reports regarding sucking the cum out of shemale cock.  Those of you who have been with hot trannys leave Me a comment and let Me know if you were able to get that sticky, sloppy, warm creamy cum!

Aug 072008

You sluts are sooooo lucky to have Me!  Most of you know it and are very good about adoring and spoiling Me.  But there may be a few of you who are afraid to call, or who might be taking advantage of all the hot FREE sissy faggot phonesex blog posts I write.  Plus I know that when some of you cum sluts read about yourselves, or about My other callers, you just get so excited that you accidentally squirt your sissy juice all over your panties!  Hee, hee!

So now you lucky little phonesex faggots can still tribute Me if you accidentally squirt while reading My blog.  A $10 fee for squirting while reading this blog is quite a bargain, so if you are a loser in addition to being a sissy sissy faggot, pay it twice.

Accidental Sissy Faggot Squirting Fee

Jun 052008

You’ve been reading My blog, and now you need to wrap your hand around your tiny little cock, so I want to make it easy for you to call Me. I know that there isn’t very much blood in your head right now. Lol.

Being feminized by your Princess Jewel is a privilege for all you sissies, faggots and cum sluts. So, call Me on NiteFlirt by clicking this button:

Feminization Phonesex with Princess Jewel on NiteFlirt:

If you don’t have a NiteFlirt account yet, just click My call button. You will get three minutes of free phone sex and will be talking to Me within a matter of minutes. All you need is a credit card and a phone (or Skype, etc). Your phone number will never be billed, only your credit card. And you never have to pay any fees or dues to join – just pay as you go!

Are you a money pig? Cash cow? Does it turn you on to hand your wallet over to a demanding little Princess? Then this is the line for you to call:

Financial Domination, Wallet Raping, Account Draining for Pathetic Oinking Pigs:

If you want to visit My NiteFlirt pages, click below and choose the appropriate listing to call!

Princess Jewel’s NiteFlirtHomepage

Talk to you soon, My little bitches!

May 252008

Ha, ha, ha!!!! Got off the phone with one of My losers a little while ago. I really enjoyed getting into his head, helping Myself to his wallet and making him oink!!!!! What a fool. He knows that I own his pathetic little clitty dicklet, and he knows he is useless as a man.

During our phonesex call, I had him dressed up in nothing but a pink tutu and pink leather collar and leash. Then, I cuckolded and humiliated his little dick by inviting over some of his friends. Lol! I invited over an old girlfriend of his – you know – the one he never got over, the one he still dreams about – and a mutual friend of theirs and we had a great time! Well, at least I did!

This faggot cuckold took his girlfriend’s strap on in his bitch pussy, sucked her boyfriend’s huge cock (which had just been in his girlfriend’s ass!), fingered his own ass and begged his friend to fuck his girlfriend with a big, hard, real man’s cock – like she deserves.

Do you know I had this loser whore oinking?! It was great. I hung up on him twice. Each time, I told him to tribute Me before he called back. And I told him that if he didn’t, he couldn’t cum and that he would be blocked and would never get to hear My voice in his disgusting ear again. So, of course, he tributed Me, his Princess, each time I hung up on him.

When he called back the second time, I told him to start oinking! At first he wasn’t too good at it, but I told him to make it more nasal, and soon he was snorting and oinking like the loser pig he is!! LMAO!!

Do you know what finally made this cuckold cocksucker squirt? I told him his girlfriend was screaming “My pussy is going to cum all over your friend’s big hard cock!” Ha, ha – that pushed him right over the edge and he squirted his pathetic loser load of cum.

May 232008

Wow! I can’t believe how well My new phonesex fetish website and blog have taken off! So many sissies, cocksuckers and faggots have visited My blog, bought My pictures and sent Me sissy humiliation pictures for Me to post. I now have several sissy and small penis humiliation photos in My gallery. You can buy the password for $1 and view them here. So far, I have sold lots and lots of passwords, and have given the password out to lots of My friends. My sissy and small penis humiliation pictures are getting tons of hits on My site!

I’ve also gotten lots of tributes from My new fetish website and blog! I love getting prezzies! I’m well on My way to getting My new flat panel tv (not transvestite – lol!), and have gotten a bunch of tributes from My devotes sissies, cocksuckers and bitches!

I have been very lazy about making My recorded listings. But, I am going to add some very soon! That page has gotten a lot of hits too, so I know all My cum sluts are waiting. 🙂

You have all been very good little sluts, pets, bitches and whores and have really gotten My www.jewelsfools.com blog and website off to a great start! If there is a suggestion that you have, something that you would like to see on My blog or website, leave Me a comment here and I’ll see what I can do. If you have a specific idea for a recorded listing, you can also comment here.

Until then, get down on your knees, send Me a tribute and thank Me for being your special phonesex Princess.

May 072008

Hot Lips is one of My very devoted little faggot sluts. He calls Me and asks about My day – what I have been up to? When he least expects it, I tell him I am going to fuck him with a strap on cock. Hee, hee, hee. I love how it just stops him in his tracks and how all of a sudden his voice totally changes. He always tells Me that he knows his place and that he will be a good little cocksucker and sissy whore for Me. I love his devotion! He tells Me all the time how I own him and how he is Mine completely. Of course I own him!

But once, he called Me drunk as a skunk and tried to act like a real man! It was sooooo funny! We put a quick end to that, didn’t we, Hot Lips?!

Now he is My devoted little cocksucking and strap on slut!

May 012008

It has taken me a long time to get this all together, but now all My lucky little sissies, faggots, and girly boys have a place to come and see what I am up to! I will also be getting picture galleries together so that you all can purchase lots of My pictures, and I will be making recorded listings for shy little sluts, or for when I am not available to take a call. You can check out My feminization mp3s at FemDomAudio.

For those of you who don’t know Me, I am Princess Jewel. I absolutely love feminization and fetish phonesex. Most of my callers are sissies or girly boys who want Me to feminize them, dress them up, humiliate them, and everything else we can imagine. Hee, hee – it’s so much fun! I just love explaining exactly why My little feminization boys will never satisfy Me and exactly why they will only ever be My devoted little bitches or whores catering to My every whim.

I also got lots of financial domination callers. They just love to play games and just can’t help getting very excited as I use them take more and more of their money. The next day, they feel kind of stupid, but still kind of turned on by the way I manipulated them, made them weak and stuffed My bank account with their money.

I use NiteFlirt to assure anonymity for both Me and My callers. If you don’t have a NiteFlirt account, it’s easy to join, completely anonymous and you will get 3 free minutes towards your first call! To call My feminization line, just click here:

Feminization phone sex with Princess Jewel

To view all My listings and categories, check out My NiteFlirt profile: PrincessJewel, and call the listing that suits you!