Oct 162010

tormented male orgasm wins an awardTormenting male orgasms really gets Me hot. Well, ok, tormenting males in pretty much any way gets Me hot.  Hehe.  But there is something about making submissive males squirm that I really love.  It’s so funny how your horny little cocks rule your whole lives.  So much so that I can completely torture your little dicks and you male sluts are utterly helpless to stop.

So that’s why I am finally giving out a new Golden Cock Award!  It’s been a ling time since I have given one out, but I think that My Submissive Bitch Boy finally deserves one.

He called Me last night and I had such a good time fucking with him.  Lol.  He always tries to pretend like he is hesitant about calling and obeying My every command.  I guess it allows him to keep some sort of pride or something.  But, the fact is that we both know how much he loves to be tortured by Me and that he needs to have his orgasms tormented.

So who am I to disappoint him?  Hahaha!  It wasn’t long at all before I had Submissive Bitch Boy down on the floor licking the carpet for Me and wiggling his ass in the air like a whore.  That set him on his way to a tormented orgasm.  Or maybe it was the way I laughed in his ear as I emasculated him with utter humiliation that really got him going.

Little by little I stripped away his masculinity (not that there was much to start with) until I had him saying over and over again that he is not a man and that he loves and worships Me. Then, I had to start to fuck with his head – and with his orgasm.  I kept making him stroke as I cooed in to his ear that he is nothing but My ridiculous little emasculated slut.

Then I made him stroke faster and faster.  Of course, we both knew that there would be no squirting yet for this Submissive Bitch Boy.  But he was soooo worked up that he was BEGGING for release.  It was pretty funny.  And pretty hot.  Knowing that I owned him completely and that I had the power to destroy him by refusing to let him squirt – or by allowing him to squirt (I think either way is pretty destructive – hehe) got Me pretty worked up.

And when I told him that I was getting horny by tormenting his orgasm, he begged even more for release!  But – not so fast.  I took him to the edge a few more times.  Then I made him stroke and stroke and stroke and refused to let him cum, keeping him on the edge for several minutes.  I totally loved hearing him desperately try to keep from cumming while I made him stroke faster.

Finally, after a thorough working over, I let the poor little bitch squirt.  He squirted so hard that he practically hurt himself (that would have gotten Me even hotter).  And of course, like a good boy, I made him eat up all the evidence of the orgasm that I had so much fun tormenting!

Apr 152009

I just had such fun with a brand new bitch.  The silly little slut called Me because he read on My listings about how much I enjoy tease and denial and ruining orgasms.  Those of you who know Me might feel just a little sympathy for the poor little slut, because you know how much I love torturing My bitches!

I restrained Myself though.  Well, a little at least.  I figured that the first time I speak with him, I should get him really addicted to the feeling of being denied orgasms, and addicted to Me, of course.  Plus, I had to make him understand how incredibly powerful the feeling can be.  Then, I had to tease the hell out of him.  Hehehehe.

It was fun too!  I didn’t talk with him for too long, but even in a few minutes, I had him stroking and stopping, and jerking and stopping, and wanking and stopping.  Each time he got a little more worked up when I made him stop.  That’s the part I love.  The control – and hearing the torment.  🙂

I humiliated him, made him lick My ass, made him lick My shoes, you know, stuff like that.  And then NiteFlirt lady came on saying he had one minute left.  That was just too tempting.  I told him that if he could convince Me that he deserved to squirt, AND actually squirt in a minute that he could do it.

He begged and pleaded and at the last second, I let him squirt.  THAT’S when it got really hot!  When he finally started to cum, I could hear the intensity and the power that was overtaking him.  I couldn’t quite tell if it felt unbelievably good, or if it felt just a little too powerful and was enormously stimulating and almost a bit painful.

Well, if he thought that was intense, just wait until he calls back.  There is something so hot about denying orgasms and turning you bitches into oversexed, over stimulated, lust crazed sluts BEGGING to cum!  Hehe.

Wanna’ be My denied, lust crazed bitch?  Call Me.
Tease and denial phone sex

Feb 062009

I hadn’t spoken to My pussy cleaning, cum eating faggot in quite a while.  But it was worth it to torture him the way I did when he called last week.  Hehehe.  It was great.

We play this game.  He recites this ridiculous mantra he has about what a sissy faggot cum eating loser he is.  I make him add lines to it about how he loves Me.  He is only allowed to stroke his pathetically tiny dick while he is reciting it.  If he makes a mistake, or gets to the end, he has to stop stroking – no matter how close he is to squirting.

As I’m sure lots of you know, I LOVE ruining orgasms.  The total agony in one of My sissy bitch’s voice when I make him stop touching his pathetic dicklet is awesome!  I love the power of it.  It gets Me pretty hot.  Plus – it’s just plain hilarious!

Cum eater was no exception!  In fact, this might have been the best ruined orgasm I’ve heard so far.  As he was reciting his cum eating mantra, I made him stroke harder and really fast and I kept egging him on – getting him unbelievably worked up.  But, when he got to the end of his cum slupring chant, I made him stop.

HAHAHAHAHA!  It was great.  I’ve never heard such torture in a sissy’s voice when I made him stop stroking.  He was in real pain when I made him stop.  It was awesome!  I just kept laughing at his pain and telling him about how much I LOVED ruining his orgasm!

Cum eater told Me all sorts of other humiliating things.  Stuff about how he started eating his own cum in front of a hot girl.  Ha, ha, ha.  What a loser.  He really told Me lots of embarrassing stuff – plus I loved ruining his orgasm so much that eventually I let him squirt and, of course, eat his own cum.  It was such a great sissy phone sex call!

Jan 112009

I just had the funniest phone sex call!  Those silly little dicklets make you sluts do the most ridiculous things!  I even had this guy crying.  I love it – what a loser.

I’ve spoken to this guy before.  He always calls Me and whines that his little cock is so small and that he is a loser, etc, etc.  Well, tonight, I really got into his horny little head.  Ha, ha!  Loser boy gets completely out of control when that pathetic little button dick gets hard.  He’s a total slave to the pathetic urges of that tiny little dicklet.

I really humiliated this guy tonight and made him My financial piggy.  I made him say all sorts of things like “My dicklet is pathetic”, “My ridiculously tiny dicklet controls My entire life” and so on.  Lol.  He really was completely out of control!  That was when I knew I could hang up on him and tell him he was not allowed to cum until he called Me back at a higher rate.

Did he do it?  Duh!  Of course he did.  When he called back, I think he was even more excited and out of control.  I kept telling him that I know how much he loves to give Me all his money while I laugh at how pathetic he is.  I think that’s when he started crying “Yes, Princess, it’s true – I’m so pathetic.”

I really got him going when I asked him if he can satisfy his girlfriend.  He started crying and whining again about what a total loser and shrimp dick he is.  When I asked this total loser if his girlfriend just lays there looking bored while he pokes her with that stubby dicklet, he really lost it!

He begged and cried and begged Me to let him cum.  You should have heard him.  Loooo-ser!  Finally, I gave in.  I told him that he could cum if he said “My dicklet is useless” over and over while he cums.  Lol.  It was just too funny.  He made this kinda’ growly ‘arrrrrrggghhh’ sound and came for a really long time.  When it was all over, financial pig loser boy told Me that I am by fat the hottest flirt on NiteFlirt and that he had cum incredibly hard.

Um, no kidding, loser!  Of course I can make you squirt like you might actually have a dick.  That pathetic stub between your legs and, more important, your wallet are mine!!

Dec 082008

Ha, ha!  This phone sex call was sooo funny.  I spoke to celery boy a couple of nights ago.  He amused Me so much that he is now the very first recipient of My new Silver Slut Award!  He almost got the Golden Cock Award, but fell just short of the mark.  I ‘ll explain why in a minute.

I love it when this submissive guy calls My NiteFlirt phone sex line.  I like the way he says “Yes… Princess” or “No… Princess” with just a little bit of hesitation.  It’s kinda’ like I have to pull cooperation of of him without him being 100% willing – even though we both know homw much he loves being My bitch!  It just adds to the mind fuck.  🙂

He always calls Me when he has house guests.  I think he really gets off on being My bitch when there are other people around who might catch him.  You know I just love that too.  So, I made him get down on his knees, where he belongs, pull his dicklet and balls out of his sweat pants and face the door while I tortured him. 

He was being reallllly quiet, ’cause some of his guests were still awake.  I love taking full advantage of that! I kept making him repeat things like “I’m jerking My pathetically small cock for you, Princess” each time, just a little louder.  Hehe. Submissive Bitch Boy Wins the Silver Slut Award!

He told Me that he would be calling Me the next day and so, of course, I had to make him save his cum.  The only thing he had around to cum in was a shot glass from the Ronald Reagan something or other, which was pretty funny!  So, I fucked with his head(s), made him stroke and stop and stroke and stop.  Finally, I told him that he could cum – only if he could cum on command.  The hot little bitch managed to squirt his submissive slut cum into the shot glass and set it aside so we could play with it the next day.

So, true to form, he called Me back an hour or so later.  Lol.  He always does.  He tries to go to sleep, but his little dicklet keeps him awake and longing for Me.  So, when he called back, I really had to torment him.  He BEGGED me to cum again, but this time, I wasn’t going to just let him.  Finally, he told Me that he would stick his toothbrush up his ass if I would let him cum.

How could I leave an offer like that on the table?  So… I made him prance down the hallway to the bathroom.  He had to go past all of his friend’s bedroom doors.  I just kept laughing in his ridiculous ear!  When horny bitch boy finally got into the bathroom, I made him stuff his toothbrush up his ass, then prance back down the hall.  It would have been hilarious if someone had woken up!

I kept tormenting him – I was having so much fun at his expense.  I love turning ‘men’ into subbie begging sluts with toothbrushes up their asses.  Hahaha!  I told him to use the end of the toothbrush to brush his ass hair, and to thank Me for not making him put the bristle part into his slut hole.

But – the best was yet to cum!  Since he shoved his toothbrush up his ass like a good little subbie slut, I held up My end of the bargain too.  I let him cum, but only if he howled!  It’s hard to explain just how funny it was to hear him howling while cumming, while trying to be quiet and not wake anyone up.  He sounded like a demented coyote or something!  So he squirted into his Presidential shot glass, like a good girl and set it aside for the next day.

We made an appointment for the next afternoon when he would be alone for a while.  But, silly Me.  I forgot.  He ALWAYS does this.  Calls Me once… calls Me back… says he will call the next day… but never calls the next day.  Lol.  So that is why howling celery boy doesn’t get the Golden Cock.  He did a very good job of amusing Me, though, so he gets the very first Silver Slut Award!

Nov 112008

Dumb Ass on his birthday… with his credit card… lots of Jack & Cocks (um… I mean Cokes)… and ME!  Think it was an expensive combination?  Duh!!

Dumb ass called Me the night before his birthday, hiding in his hotel room bathroom and totally drunk.  He immediately started whining “It’s me, dumb ass!”  Hahaha.  I love it when this loser gets drunk.  I can get really merciless with him.  And, of course, he always cums back for more humiliation and financial domination.

Financial domination for phone sex loserI was going to make him cum in the ice machine in the hotel hallway, but even I didn’t have the heart to make him do it.  I just kept imagining some poor woman getting a little something extra in her diet Coke.  Hahaha.  So I let him off the hook for that one.

But I told the faggot that the next time he is in a hotel overnight, to cum early and save it.  Then I’ll make him slut around the hotel and spread his sissy slime all over the place… doorknobs, house phones, soda machines, etc.

So then the cock sucker called Me back the next night.  He was back home and on the verge of passing out he was so drunk.  What a loser!  I just put the phone down on My bed, and ignored him for quite a while.  I was having fun IMing and shopping for corsets with one of My favorite customers.  As we were IMing, I kept hearing snores cuming out of the phone on My bed.  Hahahaha!

Every so often, I had to wake up dumb ass to make sure that he refilled his account.  I would pick up the phone and whisper, “dumb ass… cock sucker… loooooser…” and he would wake up!  Finally he was awake enough to play raise the rate.  And since it was his birthday, I wanted to do something really special.

After all, on his birthday, I should get lots of presents, shouldn’t I?!  So, I just HAD to raise My rate as high as it can go.  $50 per minute.  The whole time I was still IM shopping with one of My sluts on line.  We kept laughing at what an idiot this faggot is.

So, for $50/min, I called him a cock sucker, a drunken loser and a fat little oinking piggy (yes, I made him oink!).  Hahahah!  That was about the only thing that got his drunken little dicklet excited.  How pathetic!  I kept him going at that rate until I had sucked all of his money out of his NiteFlirt account.  He whined and begged like a drunken faggot money slave for Me to lower My rate just a little bit.

I told him to add another several hundred dollars into his phone sex account, hung up on him and reset My rate to $14.99 per min.  I had planned on telling phone sex loser boy to pass out and that his hard little dicklet wasn’t going to cum, but NiteFlirt screwed up!  How disappointing!

There was a bug in the NiteFlirt system last night and when I hung up on loser boy the last time, My call button got stuck on ‘busy’, so no one could get through.  🙁  What a let down.  I did have fun IMing with My corset cock sucker, and wound up having LOTS of fun with corset boy later when My button was fixed, but poor dumb ass got left cold.  Actually, I really did enjoy that too!  I love fucking with his head.

I had him telling Me that I owned every part of his body and his wallet at $50/minute!  But, since this cock  controlled loser boy got left in the lurch due to a NiteFlirt glitch, I am leaving him with a birthday assignment.  All he has to do is to blow the candle… er, I mean blow out the candle and he will get his assignment.  For a small fee, of course.

So… ♫  Happy birthday to Me… I mean you! Hahaha!  ♫

Oct 142008

Most of you sissy faggot sluts who call Me know If have a very creative imagination and know that I can cum up with some rather unusual circumstances to satisfy your depraved fantasies.  I have a blog post all written and ready to be published about just such an event that happened this past weekend.  However, the cock sucking loser subject of the post needs to be punished.  He knows who he is and he knows why.

This really is one of My more creative humiliation sessions, and it’s utterly hilarious.  I have to say, it’s some of My finest work.  HAHAHHA!  I will publish it with a password so that dumb ass can’t read it until he makes amends. If you would like a good laugh, just email Me (princessjewel@jewelsfools.com) and I will be happy to supply the password to you.


Princess Jewel

Sep 272008

You humiliation sissy sluts REALLY crack Me up!  I spoke to celery boy a few nights ago and had such fun with him.  You should hear his voice when I make him do something really humiliating.  The way he says “Yes Princess” is great.  He says it like he knows he had to agree, but really isn’t sure that he should be agreeing.  Lol.

I have made him eat his own cum, fuck some celery, cum on his tooth brush, lick his girlfriend’s dirty panties… and what else?  Oh yes, that’s right, I utterly and painfully ruined one of his orgasms.  Hahahaha!  In fact, ruining his orgasm got Me so hot that I really want to do it again and again.  Maybe I should make a listing for it!  

Not only that, but I made him squirt jhis sissy juice so many times that night that he was in pain by the end.  Now I LOVED that!  It made Me want to force some sissy slut to cum over and over and over until it is really painful and he cums dry.  I want him to BEG ME to sop making him cum.  And then I want to make him cum once more.  I haven’t been able to do it yet – so I am definitely taking volunteers!

But anyway, that’s really not what I wanted to write about tonight.  I wanted to write about humiliating sissy slut celery boy.  He foolishly has this habit of calling Me when he has friends staying overnight.  You know that I have to take complete advantage of that!

This was great!  I had slut boy go out into the hall which all the bedrooms open up to.  Everyone was asleep and the doors were closed, but it was very quiet in the house.  One false move and he would get caught in a very humiliating position!  I made him jerk his little dicklet (5″ – lol) and get down on his knees.  He had to wag his ass back and forth and tell Me what a sissy faggot he is.  All very quietly of course.  He was moaning and groaning all over the place.  I really did think someone was going to wake up.

But the most humiliating thing that I made sissy slave boy do was to squirt his sissy cream all over the floor in the hallway!  Hee, hee.  Could you imagine if someone had opened one of the bedroom doors?  Since he is such a humiliation whore, he really shot a big wad of sissy cream and shot it hard.  Another audible groan.  Then was the best – I made him put his ass in the air and his face to the floor and lick up all of his cum off the hallway floor.  I could only imagine the utter humiliation if someone had opened one of the bedroom doors!

I really enjoy mind fucking him.  And the funny thing is that he almost always calls Me back a little while later the same night.  Once is just never enough for My cum eating humiliation sissy slut!

Aug 252008

Here’s the story I promised to publish in this post.  My loser faggot paid his fine for not obeying My every command, and so I am holding up My end of the deal.  Besides, this phonesex call is just too good to keep to Myself.Sissy faggot fucks his ass pussy with a zucchini

I’ll start from the beginning (more or less).  I got a call the other night on My feminization listing on NiteFlirt from one of My regular and devoted customers.  I could tell that he was ALL worked up about something.  I asked him what was up (hehe) and he comes out with “I have a new vegetable!”  HAHAHAHA!

I have to say that it was VERY hard to control My laughter.  I tried to compose Myself, but it took a couple of tries to stop laughing.  If you have been following My blog, you probably know all about the “Carrot Incident”.  Well, this is the same guy.  You might even recognize his other phonesex calls that I have blogged about.

Anyway, he tells Me that he bought a zucchini!!  When I heard this, I could just picture what had gone on earlier.  Of course, I teased and teased him about going to the store with a pathetically hard little cock in his pants.  I teased him about thinking about the blog post he hoped I would write and asked if he wanted his own dancing vegetable like this one.  I teased him about having planned this all day long!  You know I was right.  Loser girly boy HAD been planning this all day and had been fantasizing about this very blog post and most of all -he wanted a dancing zucchini.

Well, not only did he buy this zucchini, he shaped one end like a cock and the other end to fuck his faggot ass pussy. It just kept getting funnier and more pathetic!  I HAD to make him take a bite out of it to prove that he really had a zucchini.  And, just like the Carrot Incident, he took a nibble out of the cock / zucchini (cockcchini?) and it was hilarious!  I can’t quite describe how pathetic and funny it was to hear this nibbley munch, munch sound cum over the phone.  I went into hysterics again.

I had a great time putting loser boy through all of his paces.  I made him suck the zucchini and BEG Me to let him shove the zucchini up his fairy faggot fanny!  I made him say that he wants to fuck a salad and I called him crue d’ete (is that right? – yes, I took French, lol) ass.

Finally, I let him start to slide that zucchini up his faggot ass pussy.  And yep, you guessed it – I made him say “I’m so teeny I have to fuck zucchini!” over and over while he pretended there was a cock in his sissy ass instead of a vegetable.

You should have heard faggot boy’s voice.  He was SOOO hard and excited.  Needless to say, I immediately recognized how much he had been waiting, fantasizing and planning this.  So, of course I knew I could hang up on him and raise My rate.  I did that twice AND made him leave Me some tips, and he called back each and every time.  Loser.

I had such a great time driving My faggot bitch crazy and I made him do all sorts of things.  Then I told him to squirt on his cum eating belly and that after he squirted his sissy juice I was going to make him use the ass zucchini to wipe up the ‘sissy dip’ on his stomach.  LMFAO!!  He just couldn’t make himself eat his own cum off the zucchini that had just been in his ass (I would have let him use the clean end  😉 ). And that was why I punished and fined him.

I had a great time humiliating this cock whore and by the time we were finished, I had a nice little chunk of change in My NiteFlirt account.  It’s so much fun to be Me!

Aug 102008

You know who you are.  I helped Myself to several hundred dollars out of your wallet a couple of nights ago.  Dumb ass!

This guy is so pathetic.  He called Me again the other night.  As soon as I realized who it was, I knew I would be making a nice chunk of change in a very short period of time.  Of course, I was right.

It’s really so funny.  I kept hanging up on him and telling him to call Me back at double My rate per minute.  LMAO!  One time, I hung up on him and told him to call Me back at a higher rate, but I told him I wouldn’t take the call unless he left Me a nice BIG tribute!  He LOVES the way I say ‘cock’ (big surprise, faggot!) and so I told him that when he called Me back that if he didn’t leave Me a big fat tribute, I wouldn’t say the word ‘cock’ again.  HAHAHAHAHA!

What do you think happened?  Duh!  The little cocksucker drained his account right into Mine.  I love taking advantage of money pigs.  It’s just too ridiculous that these money slaves get soooo excited when I take all their money and abuse them.  But, what else would I do but abuse them?  Dumb ass, shrimp dicked, cock sucking loser bitches!

It really is fun though – getting these loser faggots to do such ridiculous things.  At one point, I had raised My rate and hung up on him.  When he called back, I told him to put the phone down and go watch tv while he was paying Me twice as much for doing nothing.  And he did!  ROFLMFAO!  What a dork.

Money Slaves Worship Phonesex Princess Jewel

So here you go dorky – a gift for you.  HAHAHAHA!