Nov 042019
Sissy Lisping and Cum Eating

Sissy lisping and cum eating can both be an important part of becoming a good sissy gurl. Or should I say thiththy gurl? Actually – you should say thiththy gurl. I really shouldn’t have to bother. Hehe.

One of My gurly boith asked Me one day if he should always talk in a sissy lisp, so that he sounds really faggy and gay. Hmm… duh.

Of course “he” should alwayth thpeak in a thiththy lithp! And of course “he” should also eat all of his own cum too.

So now when he sends me a chat, he must address Me as “Printhethth” and he must spell everything out as if he is thpeaking in a really gay lithp. How humiliating for someone who really isn’t a man to begin with!

Not only does this limp dick sissy boi have to speak to Me in a sissy lisp, he also has to decorate his faggy body with clothes pins for Me. Or should I say clotheth pinth? ūüėČ But really, that’s a story for another day.

If you want to hear more about this loser sissy lisper and his clothes pins, send Me a sissy sext on NiteFlirt and ask Me nicely.

Feminization Sexting

I’ll just say that at the end of our sessions, he usually winds up sitting in his closet, in the dark, with a mouth full of his own cum, or sissy juice (thiththy juith), with his mouth clothes pinned shut. 😲😂

LMAO – I enjoy humiliating My sissy lisping limp dicked loser boi and usually get a good laugh out of it at his expenth. Which is exactly as things should be!

Dec 162016

Sissy Slut Party HostessMy sissy slut party hostess wound up a cum covered, emasculated mess last night!  This panty thief needs to be punished for stealing panties, dumping his crazy ex-girlfriend and for generally not being a man.  So what else could I do but turn him into a sissy slut for big black cock and cover him with cum?

Since his crazy ex-girlfriend found out that he is panty thief and a naughty pervert, she contacted Me (wink, wink) and I am exposing all of his sissy secrets to her.  She pays Me for the info on how to trap him with his own sissy cock sucking desires and she takes My ideas and dials up the crazy on them (and him).  Hehe.

To make a very long story short, I helped the panty thief’s ex-gf made up these party posters, complete with his address, to put all over town.  What a great turn out we had!  The sissy panty thief was dressed as a slutty holiday hostess and had to say “Hello, how may I serve you?” to everyone who showed up at his door.

His ex-girlfriend told her hot girl friends to bring over loads of their boyfriends’ cum.  So when My sissy cum whore curtsied and  asked “How may I serve you?”, one after the other, they said nothing and just dumped the cum all over sissy boy’s face.

Then the big black cocks started showing up.  They made so much noise when they drove up to his house too.  I think the whole neighborhood knows what a fag cock whore lives there now!  My sissy hostess was such a good gurl and went up to each one of the big black cocks and said “Hello, how may I serve you?”

So many crazy, faggy, emasculating things happened to My sissy party hostess!  I turned him into such a slutty sissy cock whore that his face was dripping with cum.  His ex-girlfriend is now fucking big black cock right in front of his face while she tells him that this is her revenge because he broke up with her.  Hehe.

The grand finale of the party was when My sissy slut thanked all of his guests, like a good hostess, and had to show them how much he loves serving superior women and being a cock whore and a sissy cum slut.  He showed everyone how much he loves being My slutty panty thief by sqiurting into a champagne glass and drinking it all down.

I had a great time humiliating My naughty, perverted sissy panty thief and telling him how his crazy ex-girlfriend now has so much embarrassing information on him that she will own him forever.  Of course, this means I will be selling her all his secrets forever too.

Do you want to be My slutty sissy cock whore too?  Call Me now and start begging and you might wind up helpless and emasculated too!

Sissy Slut Phone Sex

Nov 102015

Brainwashed to Eat Your Own Cum mp3Lucky you!  Brainwashed To Eat Your Own Cum, My FemDom mp3 has been released!  It is the perfect audio for all My sissy cum sluts.

If you want to eat your own cum, or be brainwashed to eat cum, this femdom mp3 is for you!  Even if you already eat your own cum, you slutty cum whore, you will still want to hear My incredibly sexy voice brainwashing and mind fucking you.

The sound of My sexy Princess voice will echo around in your head, encouraging and brainwashing you to eat your own cum, until you are helpless.  You will surrender to Me and you will surrender to your desire to slurp down your slimy  goo.  You WILL eat your own cum for Princess Jewel!

Brainwashed To Eat Your Own Cum MP3 FREE SAMPLE:

¬†Audio Effects:¬† Reverb and sexy, brainwashing background echoes. My intoxicating voice will echo in head over and over and over… until you can’t resist eating your own cum.

15 minutes 9 seconds

Brainwashed To Eat Your Own Cum FemDom MP3
 Just relax as you listen to My FemDom mp3 and My voice will seep into your brain and make you crave eating your own jizz like never before. Buy it now and start eating your own cum for Princess Jewel!

Jan 072015

sissy fag boi in pantiesMy sissy¬† fag boi got another cum facial today.¬† I can’t believe what a good little cock sucker he has become.¬† Well, ok, I can believe what a good little cock sucker he has become.¬† After all, I have been brainwashing him into being a sissy fag boi for well over two years now!¬† How could he resist?

Not only is My hoover lips a good little cock sucker, he is also addicted to wearing panties and having Princess Cock in his pussy hole.¬† When he sent Me this picture of his newest sissy fag boi panties, I couldn’t help but crack up!¬† If you look very closely, you can see the head of his horny little fag dick through the lace of the panties.¬† It looks soooo funny.¬† Every time I look at this pic, it makes Me laugh so hard.

Anyway, My horny little hoover lips was desperate for yet another cock in his sissy fag mouth.¬† So today he sucked one again.¬† I’m still waiting to hear all the details, but I know that he sucked and slobbered all over that cock until it blew a nice creamy cum facial all over his face.¬† I don’t know how many that makes – at least five cocks in his fag face, I think.¬† But since he is such an alpha male (pffft – yeah, right)¬† in real life, I think that is a LOT of cock!

Very soon his virgin fag fuck hole is going to be taken too.¬† In reality, he gave his virgin sissy pussy hole to Me and My Princess cock that he loves to bounce on.¬† But very soon he is going to go even further.¬† Hoover lips is going to get fucked like a good little sissy faggot should.¬† I can’t wait to hear him moan and whimper like a horny little gurly bitch when he finally gets penetrated.¬† And it will all be because of Me and My brainwashing.¬† He can’t resist being My sissy fag boi.¬† I don’t think he’ll really ever be a man again – no matter how much he pretends!

Apr 062009

My faggot fiesta boy called Me the other night.  As soon as I answered the phone I could tell something was up.  Besides his little dick, I mean.  It was pretty late at night too, so I knew he had been up to something.  He was panting and moaning like a horny little bitch before I even said hello.  Lol.

It turns out that fiesta boy had just cum from the gay bath house.  He likes to go there every so often and troll for cock.  He usually catches one, too.  That night, he caught two.  Nasty little faggot!

He was panting and breathless as he told Me all about how he had just gotten fucked – hard.¬† He told Me all about how some other guy was in the room with them watching and how he sucked that guy’s cock too.¬† Then I realized why he was soooo horny and worked up.¬† They refused to let him cum.

Well, those of you who know Me know that I had to take advantage of his desperation!¬† I started teasing him that I wasn’t going to let him cum either.¬† I had My horny little cock sucker going crazy.¬† I was telling him how I was going to make him wait until the next day to cum and that I was going to get off from knowing that he was being tortured!¬† Hehe.¬† I can’t help it.¬† That’s hot!¬† The thought of him trying to sleep while he was completely worked up and almost in pain with the need to cum was really hot!¬† ūüôā

Then My little cock sucker told Me all about how he changed into stockings and stroked all the way home from the bath house.  He was desperate to cum and to be My cum eating bitch.  Poor little sissy faggot.  I really did love teasing him about not letting him cum and about not letting him eat his cum for Me.
Finally, I figured he had suffered enough.  Besides, My pussy was dripping wet from tormenting him.  So, I finally let him squirt.  I let him squirt his sissy juice while he told Me all about what a little faggot fuck hole he is.  Then, I made him slurp up all his cum like a good girl.

I wound up being on a phone sex call with him for quite a while.¬† How many times did My sissy faggot cock sucking cum eating fiesta boy wind up squirting?¬† Three times, I think.¬† Hehe.¬† He’s probably still all hot and horny about his bath house banging!

Sissy Faggot Phone Sex on NiteFlirt

Call Me now and you can be My sissy bitch too.

Feb 162009

I spoke to My gay boy the other night.¬† He really out did himself.¬† He called Me for phone sex on NiteFlirt and told Me that he was kind of embarrassed by what he was wearing.¬† Um, yeah, ’cause I’ve probably never heard it before.¬† Hehe. Anyway, he told Me all about his slutty sissy outfit.¬† He was all sissified in a strapless bra, thigh highs and a pair of thong panties.¬† What a little gay whore!

Then he told Me about he had met his gay escort friend recently and he also told Me how much he loves it that I know he is gay…¬† and a girly boy… and a sissy.¬† Actually, I have lots of fun with this sissy phone sex faggot.¬† I love getting him soooo hot and soooo sissified!

He told Me all about his gay escort friend and about how he wants to dress up like a sissy boy for him, but is still too embarrassed.  Then, he told Me all about how much he loves to lay in bed with him, feeling his hard naked body pressed up against his, and kiss him.  He also told Me how much he wants to have a boyfriend so that he can really get a mouth full of cum.

That’s pretty much what all you sissy sluts want.¬† To be cum eaters.¬† What a bunch of faggot whores you are.¬† So, I told him that if he wants a mouth full of cum, he should throw his legs over his head and jerk his sissy clit down into his face.¬† And this is why he earns the Silver Slut Award.¬† He didn’t do what I told him to – which was very naughty.¬† But, instead, he said “That sounds kind of awkward”.

OMG – I really lost it.¬† I cracked up!!¬† Awkward?¬† Ya’ think so?¬† Hehehehe.¬† It was hilarious.¬† Laying on your back and throwing your legs over your head so that you can cum in your own face is awkward?!¬† Lololololol.¬† Um… yeah, I’d say that qualifies as awkward.

It was just too cute and too funny.¬† I couldn’t stop giggling, then he started giggling, then I made him cream his thong for being a gay sisssy and for wanting to eat cum.¬† Those of you who know Me, know I love a good laugh.¬† So, gay sissy boy wins the Silver Slut Award for cracking Me up.¬† What a good girl!

Feb 062009

I hadn’t spoken to My pussy cleaning, cum eating faggot in quite a while.¬† But it was worth it to torture him the way I did when he called last week.¬† Hehehe.¬† It was great.

We play this game.  He recites this ridiculous mantra he has about what a sissy faggot cum eating loser he is.  I make him add lines to it about how he loves Me.  He is only allowed to stroke his pathetically tiny dick while he is reciting it.  If he makes a mistake, or gets to the end, he has to stop stroking Рno matter how close he is to squirting.

As I’m sure lots of you know, I LOVE ruining orgasms.¬† The total agony in one of My sissy bitch’s voice when I make him stop touching his pathetic dicklet is awesome!¬† I love the power of it.¬† It gets Me pretty hot.¬† Plus – it’s just plain hilarious!

Cum eater was no exception!¬† In fact, this might have been the best ruined orgasm I’ve heard so far.¬† As he was reciting his cum eating mantra, I made him stroke harder and really fast and I kept egging him on – getting him unbelievably worked up.¬† But, when he got to the end of his cum slupring chant, I made him stop.

HAHAHAHAHA!¬† It was great.¬† I’ve never heard such torture in a sissy’s voice when I made him stop stroking.¬† He was in real pain when I made him stop.¬† It was awesome!¬† I just kept laughing at his pain and telling him about how much I LOVED ruining his orgasm!

Cum eater told Me all sorts of other humiliating things.  Stuff about how he started eating his own cum in front of a hot girl.  Ha, ha, ha.  What a loser.  He really told Me lots of embarrassing stuff Рplus I loved ruining his orgasm so much that eventually I let him squirt and, of course, eat his own cum.  It was such a great sissy phone sex call!

Jan 072009

If you have been following My blog and paying attention (I know it’s hard to think when there is no blog remaining in your brains), then you may have notice some references to My newest blog!

It’s the blog and it’s devoted to, duh (lol), cream pies and cum eating!¬† I already have several posts and a picture gallery up and ready to be viewed.¬† The first gallery is from “Fucked Up Facials”.¬† Damn – the girls in these pix are gettinng shot with HUGE¬† messy loads.¬†¬† I would LOVE to see some of My faggot cum sluts getting drowned in cum like this.¬† Check out the gallery – there will be more very soon – and let Me know what you think!

I set up this new blog to be very interactive.  You can register and then write posts and leave comments and stuff like that in this new blog.  I think some other NiteFlirt phone sex girls are going to be doing the same type of thing, each with a different niche.  This way, the flirts and customers can post and comment on all of the blogs!

So go get a head start on this by registering and writing a post.¬† Don’t worry, spelling and grammar don’t count.¬† A few sententces to a long story are all acceptable!¬† Let’s have some fun with this, bitches!


Princess Jewel

Jan 072009

I must admit that I have really fallen behind on this one.¬† But, finally, an award for the Masturbation Princess!¬† He is probably long overdue for a Golden Cock Award, but on this occasion I have to demote this sissy sissy faggot¬† ever so slightly to a Silver Slut.¬† I’ll explain why later.

Actually, I alreSilver Slut Award for my sissy slutady wrote some of the story in My new creampiecumeating blog. This cock loving faggot got so hot putting on his masturbation show.  Lol.  So, I worte all about it in My new blog and emailed him the link.

Don’t you know that this sissy sissy faggot had to get his panties out again (he has to hide them) after he read My blog post?

Hehe.  He called Me back, but only had a few more minutes alone, so he had to be careful.  Imaging getting caught in a pair of panties and being outed as a cock loving sissy faggot?

It didn’t take him long, though to get all worked up again.¬† He got really worked up!¬† Thinking about My blog post describing what a sissy whore he is really made him crazy.¬† I told him he was allowed to squirt his sissy juice for Me, since he was squirting for being My bitch.¬† He really went over the top.¬† He came good and hard, but didn’t really ease up when he was done cumming for cock.¬† He started to cum again.¬† What a faggot!¬† He was having multiple orgasms for being My slutty faggot whore.

So why the Silver Slut Award and not a Golden Cock?  Well, he probably does deserve a Golden Cock Award for his general antics.  But he only gets the Silver Slut for running out of money in his NiteFlirt phone sex account just as he started to cum for the second time.  I love hearing that kind of stuff.  You sluts are soooo overwhelmed by your faggot orgasms that it makes you vulnerable and easy to addict!

So I guess this is one advantage to being a real Princess, as opposed to a sissy faggot Masturbation Princess.¬† Since I am the true Princess, I get to decide who gets what award.¬† I almost upgraded this girly bitch to a Golden Cock, because he is the first one to register on My new blog.¬† But – he didn’t write a post for Me yet, so I will have to tease this nasty faggot slut by with holding My highest honor.¬† Of course, winning¬† the Silver Slut award is quite an achievement, so the MasturbationFaggot Girly Princess should be very proud.¬† Hehehe.

Dec 192008

It’s time for the second ever Golden Cock Award!!¬† I spoke to My faggot party boy the other night – he is SUCH a slut.¬† Lol.¬† Sometimes he’ll put in a call back if I am talking to another sissy boy, and lots of times when NiteFlirt calls him back, he’s half asleep.¬† He¬† answers the phone all sleepy, hehe, but all I have to do is mention a nice big cock.¬† Little by little, I can hear his voicGolden Cock Award for My Sissy Faggote getting hotter and hotter as he thinks about being My cum eating bitch.

When we spoke the other night, he had such a hot fantasy in mind.¬† Deviant little faggot.¬† He wanted to be My fluffer, cock sucker, bitch, cock whore and clean up sissy.¬† Nothing too unusual – lol.¬† But I don’t know – something about the way we were talking…¬† Something about him wanting to suck My boyfriend’s cock and then watch him fuck My tight little pussy…¬† Mmmmm…

Never mind him – I got sooo hot!¬† Thinking of what it would be like to watch one of My sissies actually sucking My boyfriend’s cock made Me WET!¬† In fact, it was so hot, that I can’t get it out of My mind.¬† I can’t get the picture of My sissy cock sucker teasing My boyfriend’s cock and getting it harder and harder for Me to fuck.

This little slut is¬† such a faggot, though, that I might have to struggle to get the cock out of his mouth!¬† But I know he’d be a good little faggot.¬† I know he’d watch Me fuck My boyfriend and wait his turn.¬† And I know he’d LOVE to be My cum licking pussy cleaner while My boyfriend fucked him hard!¬† VERY HOT!