Dec 092020
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Princess Jewel

Dec 172018

Holiday Humiliation MP3FREE humiliating mp3 holiday greeting!  Once again, it’s time to be festive and to spend time with the people you love – Me!  After all, who else humiliates you in the way that gives you faggy little boners all year long??  So, lucky for you, I have created a new FREE season’s greetings mp3 to humiliate you even further.  I mean, to further your enjoyment of the holiday season.  Hehe.

And guess what?! This year it’s a SONG!!  I have sung you a FUN, EMASCULATING and HUMILIATING SONG for the holidays!! It’s pretty ridiculous, but then again, so are you.  😉  I expect it to become an instant holiday classic.

Have a wonderful, sexy holiday season and wishing you the best in 2019!
Princess Jewel

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Nov 302017

Free FemDom MP3FREE FemDom MP3 for the 2017 holiday season!  To listen to My sexy Princess voice wishing you all the best this holiday season, just click on the link below.

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Princess Jewel

Dec 182015

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Princess Jewel

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Oct 192015

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Oct 082015

Tingle Your Sweet Spots with My Cock Brainwashing FemDom MP3TINGLE YOUR SWEET SPOTS – WITH MY COCK MP3!  My new brainwashing FemDom mp3 is a total mind fuck.  And, of course, you will love it!  Your sissy pussy will come alive for Me.

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Oct 162010

tormented male orgasm wins an awardTormenting male orgasms really gets Me hot. Well, ok, tormenting males in pretty much any way gets Me hot.  Hehe.  But there is something about making submissive males squirm that I really love.  It’s so funny how your horny little cocks rule your whole lives.  So much so that I can completely torture your little dicks and you male sluts are utterly helpless to stop.

So that’s why I am finally giving out a new Golden Cock Award!  It’s been a ling time since I have given one out, but I think that My Submissive Bitch Boy finally deserves one.

He called Me last night and I had such a good time fucking with him.  Lol.  He always tries to pretend like he is hesitant about calling and obeying My every command.  I guess it allows him to keep some sort of pride or something.  But, the fact is that we both know how much he loves to be tortured by Me and that he needs to have his orgasms tormented.

So who am I to disappoint him?  Hahaha!  It wasn’t long at all before I had Submissive Bitch Boy down on the floor licking the carpet for Me and wiggling his ass in the air like a whore.  That set him on his way to a tormented orgasm.  Or maybe it was the way I laughed in his ear as I emasculated him with utter humiliation that really got him going.

Little by little I stripped away his masculinity (not that there was much to start with) until I had him saying over and over again that he is not a man and that he loves and worships Me. Then, I had to start to fuck with his head – and with his orgasm.  I kept making him stroke as I cooed in to his ear that he is nothing but My ridiculous little emasculated slut.

Then I made him stroke faster and faster.  Of course, we both knew that there would be no squirting yet for this Submissive Bitch Boy.  But he was soooo worked up that he was BEGGING for release.  It was pretty funny.  And pretty hot.  Knowing that I owned him completely and that I had the power to destroy him by refusing to let him squirt – or by allowing him to squirt (I think either way is pretty destructive – hehe) got Me pretty worked up.

And when I told him that I was getting horny by tormenting his orgasm, he begged even more for release!  But – not so fast.  I took him to the edge a few more times.  Then I made him stroke and stroke and stroke and refused to let him cum, keeping him on the edge for several minutes.  I totally loved hearing him desperately try to keep from cumming while I made him stroke faster.

Finally, after a thorough working over, I let the poor little bitch squirt.  He squirted so hard that he practically hurt himself (that would have gotten Me even hotter).  And of course, like a good boy, I made him eat up all the evidence of the orgasm that I had so much fun tormenting!

May 032009

Spoil PrincessSpring is here!  So now it is time for you to start contributing to My new spring sandals and summer wardrobe.  🙂  I love shopping for sexy girly outfits.  Don’t you?

I’ve been having fun shopping on line in between emasculations.  There’s alot of cute clothes and shoes out this year.  Click the button to contribute $10 to My new wardrobe and get a picture of Me too!

Apr 292009

It’s always fun to have a new addicted sissy slut in My clutches.  This bitch is no exception!  I have been teasing and tormenting him for the last week or so.  All because he desperately wants to suck big black cock but always pussies out at the last minute.

It wasn’t long at all before I could tell that he was completely addicted to Me.  At first, he called My feminization phone sex line trying to interview Me.  He was looking for someone to really force him to be a faggot girly boy cock sucker.  That part was fine – buSissy wins the Silver Slutt the interview tactic was way over the top.  I had fun putting sissy bitch in his place and he immediately realized that he was lucky to even have the opportunity to be My blackmailed cock sucker.

In fact, he wanted to be forced and black mailed into being a cock sucker that he gave over some very personal information without very much persuasion at all.  Now he will do anything I tell him to.  Hehehe!

So his assignment for the weekend was to go to a gay bar, have a drink, look around and to realize that he was exactly where he belongs.  Sissy bitch started whining and trying to think of any excuse not to go, but a little review of the black mail information he gave Me was just the nudge he needed.  Lol.

So, off he lied to his wife and off he went to the local gay bar.  Hysterically, it happened to be 70’s night!  He said he was totally out of place and stuck out like a sore thumb (which I loved!).  But he was a good sissy girl and stayed for his drink.  he couldn’t quite work up the nerve to see what what going on in the men’s room, but he watched the guys dressed in 70’s outfits bumping and grinding under a disco ball.  It made him realize how much he NEEDS black cock stuffed down his faggot throat.

It also made him realize how much power I have over him and how much he is loving being My blackmailed sissy faggot bitch.  So disco sissy gets a Silver Slut award for pushing his boundaries further than ever before and following My instuctions so well.  I am quite pleased to further his need and addiction to cock!

But let’s not push it –  if you know what’s good for you, disco sissy, you will call Me on Wednesday to discuss your next assignment!

Want to be My forced sissy cock sucker too?  Hehe.  Call Me!

Forced fag cock sucking

Mar 212009

I spoke to the fireball faggot again the other night.  I think he reached new lows in faggot loser humiliation.  It was hilarious.  This guy is a public bus driver.  He is also a pathetic loser pervert faggot.

So anyway, fireball boy called Me from his bus when no one was on it.  The horny little faggot just couldn’t help himself.  He needed a dose of My special femdom Princess humiliation.  He had his little dicklet out and was all excited to hear My voice.  So, of course I had to take complete advantage of his weakness.

He was begging Me to be allowed to play with his pathetic little dicklet.  But I couldn’t just let him touch it.  So, I asked him what was around in the bus.  He said nothing really.  Then I asked him if there was any garbage on the floor.  Hehe.

He told Me there was a dirty napkin on the floor.  I made faggot boy pick it up and told him to wrap it around his sissy stick.  But first, I told him that his dicklet would fall off if he jerked it with the dirty napkin, but he didn’t care.  He was just too desperate and horny.  Ewwwwww.

So loser, fireball, faggot boy wrapped the dirty napkin from the floor of the bus and jerked his pathetic dicklet with it.  I told him he could only cum into the napkin and that he had to wipe his sissy slime all over the steering wheel so that he would have sissy cum hands all day.  Hahahaha!  What a loser!