Jan 082009

My poor little sissy sissy faggots miss Me when I am not logged in to NiteFlirt. I know how much you need to be sissified, dominated and whored out. Since I can’t possibly be available to emasculate you sluts 24 / 7, I have hand picked some Five Star Flirts for you for when I am away.

Only the hottest Princesses, most emasculating phone sex girls and greediest Mistresses will be in My new Five Star Flirts group.  My sluts are used to the best – ME – and should get it even if I am not available to sissify you Myself.

Click on the Five Star Flirts button and you will find the best collection of Princesses and Dommes NiteFlirt phone sex has to offer.  I expect you sluts to be on your best behavior when you call My colleagues.  Make sure that you are the sluttiest faggot cock sucker, girliest sissy bitch or most pathetic money pig loser that you can be.  I expect nothing but the best from My phone sex customers too!  Hehehe.  Good girl!

Sep 212008

I have to admit that if I didn’t take sissy faggot fetish phonesex calls on NiteFlirt and I read this blog, I wouldn’t believe a word of it.  Do you guys REALLY get off to this humiliation?  Do so many of you REALLY have feminization and cocksucking fantasies?  Do you losers REALLY get off having a hot young girl like Me laugh at you, take your money and leave you broke?  I mean, most of these blog stories are downright ridiculous!  Hee, hee.  Ridiculous – but 100% TRUE!

And speaking of ridiculous – I think I can show any disbelievers out there that every word in this blog is true.  Not only are the stories true – but they aren’t even exaggerated!  Take note of the day this post is published.  If you have read My blog faithfully, you might just recognize something when you go to My NiteFlirt listing and check My feedback.

In the last couple of days, you will find a similarity between My blog and My feedback.  Lol.  Not only did I take loser boy to the cleaners, not only did I name his sissy clitty Little Miss Ridiculous, not only did I humiliate him and leave him broke, I also wrote all about it here in My blog for anyone to read.

Just in case I hadn’t done enough damage, I also sent some ridiculous pay mails to loser boy the next day just to see if he would pay them.  Duh!  Of course he did!

So anyway, My point is this.  If you read My feedback for the last few days, you will get complete confirmation of the fetish phonesex call that I wrote about recently.  It wan’t enough for dumb ass to be utterly humiliated and left broke.  It wasn’t enough for dumb ass to read about it in My blog.  He also had to write about it in My feedback so that the whole world will know what a dumb ass cock sucking ridiculous loser faggot money slave he is!  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!  I love NiteFlirt!

PS – I have had a couple of other equally ridiculous phone sex calls this weekend on NiteFlirt that I want to write about (this means YOU, celery boy – hahahaha), but I have better things to do right now, so it will have to wait.  Stay tuned – there’s lots more humiliation, faggot, cum eating, vegetable fucking phone sex stories on their way!

Aug 142008

You sissy sissy faggots are so lucky to have such a generous phonesex Princess like Me to worship!  I know Princess Jewels Phonesex recording for Faggot Cocksuckerswhat you sluts need.  What you crave.

COCK. What else?  Oh yes, that’s right… CUM.

Hee, hee.  I just finished a brand new recorded phone sex listing on Nite Flirt.  My girly boys, sissy sluts and faggots can call anytime of day or night and listen to it.  The new feminization recording is called COCK Tease (for faggot cock suckers).  I describe a big beautiful cock in detail and hold it in front of your face, teasing you with it.  I enjoy teasing and tormenting you by not letting you taste or touch the cock that is right in front of your face.  Eventually, I command you to suck the cock like a cock starved little faggot whore.

So, if you miss Me and I am not around, you can check out all My FemDom Audio recordings.  They’re available 24/7!

Aug 072008

You sluts are sooooo lucky to have Me!  Most of you know it and are very good about adoring and spoiling Me.  But there may be a few of you who are afraid to call, or who might be taking advantage of all the hot FREE sissy faggot phonesex blog posts I write.  Plus I know that when some of you cum sluts read about yourselves, or about My other callers, you just get so excited that you accidentally squirt your sissy juice all over your panties!  Hee, hee!

So now you lucky little phonesex faggots can still tribute Me if you accidentally squirt while reading My blog.  A $10 fee for squirting while reading this blog is quite a bargain, so if you are a loser in addition to being a sissy sissy faggot, pay it twice.

Accidental Sissy Faggot Squirting Fee

Jul 022008

I made another new recorded fetish listing last week for My sissy faggots. It’s called Cock… Cock… Cock. It has gotten a great response from all My bitches! I love to drive My sluts crazy by saying COCK over and over again. It’s so much fun, and it always makes them beg Me to allow them to squirt their sissy juice. Cock Fetish Listing on NiteFlirt

Everyone loves My hot voice, and when I say COCK, it drives My faggots crazy. In this recording, I call you a COCK sucker, COCK whore, COCK addict and lots more. You’ll hear Me say COCK more times in seven minutes than you have ever heard before. I love making My faggots say the word cock, hear the word cock, make the word cock their entire world. It makes them so crazy that they squirt harder than ever before. And you will too!

Lots more recorded listings cumming soon! For all My recorded listings, visit FemDomAudio.com.

Confidential to My special little bitch (you know who you are): Thanks, Baby! *smoooooch!*

Jun 112008

I’ve finally done it! I put two recorded listings on NiteFlirt tonight. Now, you lucky little sissies, sluts, faggots and cocksuckers can hear My voice any time you want. All you have to do is click one button and you will be automatically connected to the recording. If you don’t have a NiteFlirt account, you will be directed to create one. All you need is a phone (or Skype, etc) and a credit card and you’ll hear My voice in a couple of minutes! There are never any dues or fees to join. Just pay as you go, only for what you use.

The first recording is one that many of you girly boys have been asking for. I recorded a version of the Sissy, Sissy Faggot Song. Now all My little sissy sluts and faggots can listen to it and hear Me chant and laugh and call you a sissy, sissy faggot – among other things!  Call it now!

The second listing explains to you exactly what you are and why. You’ve been fighting it for far too long! It’s time to admit that you are a SISSY, that you will never be a real man and will always be a girly boy. I explain to you why you are My special little sissy pet, why you will never be masculine and how you can serve Me. Hee, hee. Why You Are A Sissy – Listen Now!

You will be able to hear these listings any time you want – regardless of if I am logged into NiteFlirt or not. I know My little girly bitches will love them!

Jun 052008

You’ve been reading My blog, and now you need to wrap your hand around your tiny little cock, so I want to make it easy for you to call Me. I know that there isn’t very much blood in your head right now. Lol.

Being feminized by your Princess Jewel is a privilege for all you sissies, faggots and cum sluts. So, call Me on NiteFlirt by clicking this button:

Feminization Phonesex with Princess Jewel on NiteFlirt:

If you don’t have a NiteFlirt account yet, just click My call button. You will get three minutes of free phone sex and will be talking to Me within a matter of minutes. All you need is a credit card and a phone (or Skype, etc). Your phone number will never be billed, only your credit card. And you never have to pay any fees or dues to join – just pay as you go!

Are you a money pig? Cash cow? Does it turn you on to hand your wallet over to a demanding little Princess? Then this is the line for you to call:

Financial Domination, Wallet Raping, Account Draining for Pathetic Oinking Pigs:

If you want to visit My NiteFlirt pages, click below and choose the appropriate listing to call!

Princess Jewel’s NiteFlirtHomepage

Talk to you soon, My little bitches!

May 232008

Wow! I can’t believe how well My new phonesex fetish website and blog have taken off! So many sissies, cocksuckers and faggots have visited My blog, bought My pictures and sent Me sissy humiliation pictures for Me to post. I now have several sissy and small penis humiliation photos in My gallery. You can buy the password for $1 and view them here. So far, I have sold lots and lots of passwords, and have given the password out to lots of My friends. My sissy and small penis humiliation pictures are getting tons of hits on My site!

I’ve also gotten lots of tributes from My new fetish website and blog! I love getting prezzies! I’m well on My way to getting My new flat panel tv (not transvestite – lol!), and have gotten a bunch of tributes from My devotes sissies, cocksuckers and bitches!

I have been very lazy about making My recorded listings. But, I am going to add some very soon! That page has gotten a lot of hits too, so I know all My cum sluts are waiting. 🙂

You have all been very good little sluts, pets, bitches and whores and have really gotten My www.jewelsfools.com blog and website off to a great start! If there is a suggestion that you have, something that you would like to see on My blog or website, leave Me a comment here and I’ll see what I can do. If you have a specific idea for a recorded listing, you can also comment here.

Until then, get down on your knees, send Me a tribute and thank Me for being your special phonesex Princess.

May 012008

It has taken me a long time to get this all together, but now all My lucky little sissies, faggots, and girly boys have a place to come and see what I am up to! I will also be getting picture galleries together so that you all can purchase lots of My pictures, and I will be making recorded listings for shy little sluts, or for when I am not available to take a call. You can check out My feminization mp3s at FemDomAudio.

For those of you who don’t know Me, I am Princess Jewel. I absolutely love feminization and fetish phonesex. Most of my callers are sissies or girly boys who want Me to feminize them, dress them up, humiliate them, and everything else we can imagine. Hee, hee – it’s so much fun! I just love explaining exactly why My little feminization boys will never satisfy Me and exactly why they will only ever be My devoted little bitches or whores catering to My every whim.

I also got lots of financial domination callers. They just love to play games and just can’t help getting very excited as I use them take more and more of their money. The next day, they feel kind of stupid, but still kind of turned on by the way I manipulated them, made them weak and stuffed My bank account with their money.

I use NiteFlirt to assure anonymity for both Me and My callers. If you don’t have a NiteFlirt account, it’s easy to join, completely anonymous and you will get 3 free minutes towards your first call! To call My feminization line, just click here:

Feminization phone sex with Princess Jewel

To view all My listings and categories, check out My NiteFlirt profile: PrincessJewel, and call the listing that suits you!