Feb 162009

I spoke to My gay boy the other night.  He really out did himself.  He called Me for phone sex on NiteFlirt and told Me that he was kind of embarrassed by what he was wearing.  Um, yeah, ’cause I’ve probably never heard it before.  Hehe. Anyway, he told Me all about his slutty sissy outfit.  He was all sissified in a strapless bra, thigh highs and a pair of thong panties.  What a little gay whore!

Then he told Me about he had met his gay escort friend recently and he also told Me how much he loves it that I know he is gay…  and a girly boy… and a sissy.  Actually, I have lots of fun with this sissy phone sex faggot.  I love getting him soooo hot and soooo sissified!

He told Me all about his gay escort friend and about how he wants to dress up like a sissy boy for him, but is still too embarrassed.  Then, he told Me all about how much he loves to lay in bed with him, feeling his hard naked body pressed up against his, and kiss him.  He also told Me how much he wants to have a boyfriend so that he can really get a mouth full of cum.

That’s pretty much what all you sissy sluts want.  To be cum eaters.  What a bunch of faggot whores you are.  So, I told him that if he wants a mouth full of cum, he should throw his legs over his head and jerk his sissy clit down into his face.  And this is why he earns the Silver Slut Award.  He didn’t do what I told him to – which was very naughty.  But, instead, he said “That sounds kind of awkward”.

OMG – I really lost it.  I cracked up!!  Awkward?  Ya’ think so?  Hehehehe.  It was hilarious.  Laying on your back and throwing your legs over your head so that you can cum in your own face is awkward?!  Lololololol.  Um… yeah, I’d say that qualifies as awkward.

It was just too cute and too funny.  I couldn’t stop giggling, then he started giggling, then I made him cream his thong for being a gay sisssy and for wanting to eat cum.  Those of you who know Me, know I love a good laugh.  So, gay sissy boy wins the Silver Slut Award for cracking Me up.  What a good girl!