Dec 162016

Sissy Slut Party HostessMy sissy slut party hostess wound up a cum covered, emasculated mess last night!  This panty thief needs to be punished for stealing panties, dumping his crazy ex-girlfriend and for generally not being a man.  So what else could I do but turn him into a sissy slut for big black cock and cover him with cum?

Since his crazy ex-girlfriend found out that he is panty thief and a naughty pervert, she contacted Me (wink, wink) and I am exposing all of his sissy secrets to her.  She pays Me for the info on how to trap him with his own sissy cock sucking desires and she takes My ideas and dials up the crazy on them (and him).  Hehe.

To make a very long story short, I helped the panty thief’s ex-gf made up these party posters, complete with his address, to put all over town.  What a great turn out we had!  The sissy panty thief was dressed as a slutty holiday hostess and had to say “Hello, how may I serve you?” to everyone who showed up at his door.

His ex-girlfriend told her hot girl friends to bring over loads of their boyfriends’ cum.  So when My sissy cum whore curtsied and  asked “How may I serve you?”, one after the other, they said nothing and just dumped the cum all over sissy boy’s face.

Then the big black cocks started showing up.  They made so much noise when they drove up to his house too.  I think the whole neighborhood knows what a fag cock whore lives there now!  My sissy hostess was such a good gurl and went up to each one of the big black cocks and said “Hello, how may I serve you?”

So many crazy, faggy, emasculating things happened to My sissy party hostess!  I turned him into such a slutty sissy cock whore that his face was dripping with cum.  His ex-girlfriend is now fucking big black cock right in front of his face while she tells him that this is her revenge because he broke up with her.  Hehe.

The grand finale of the party was when My sissy slut thanked all of his guests, like a good hostess, and had to show them how much he loves serving superior women and being a cock whore and a sissy cum slut.  He showed everyone how much he loves being My slutty panty thief by sqiurting into a champagne glass and drinking it all down.

I had a great time humiliating My naughty, perverted sissy panty thief and telling him how his crazy ex-girlfriend now has so much embarrassing information on him that she will own him forever.  Of course, this means I will be selling her all his secrets forever too.

Do you want to be My slutty sissy cock whore too?  Call Me now and start begging and you might wind up helpless and emasculated too!

Sissy Slut Phone Sex

Aug 092016

PPink Sissy Ruffle Pantiesink sissy ruffle panties are so ridiculous!  And so is this slutty sissy bimbo.  During My time taking feminization phone sex calls on NiteFlirt, this tiny-dicked gurly boi has come a long way.

There is nothing that this pink ruffly panty boi likes better than putting on his high heels and prancing around like a sissy slut in heat.

But, when he first started calling My sissy phone sex line, he could barely admit that he was a sissy gurl.  Now, after a long time, and a lot of My influence, he not only realizes that he is not a boy, or a man, or anything masculine, he also realizes that he never will be.  Hehe.

Plus, he now does what he never thought he would do – ever.  He slinks down to the floor, where he should be, and worships Mr. Cock, like a slutty, sissy bimbo.

Who is Mr. Cock?  He is the big, black dildo that this pink sissy LOVES to suck.  Not only that, but My tiny dicked faggot knows that even though he is plastic, Mr. Cock is completely superior and is much more of a man than any sissy boi could ever be.

Feminization Phone Sex on NiteFlirt with Princess JewelSo, if you are a gurly boi who loves pink sissy ruffle panties too, get down on your knees and call Me.  The sissy transformation of this slutty faggot has gone further than he ever thought possible with My training and sissy brainwashing.  Who knows what I will do to you!

Sep 202014

Golden Cock Award for Slutty Sissy BoisSo, it’s about time! My sissy panty boi FINALLY bought a Mr. Cock and earned his Golden Cock Award!   And, yeah, ok, I FINALLY wrote this blog post about it.  Lol.

For any you little fuck faces who read My blog regularly, you might remember Screwdriver Boy.  He has been begging Me for a Golden Cock Award for a really long time.  He loves to put on his sissy panties and fuck his pussy hole with a screw driver handle.  Hahahaha!  But that’s definitely not good enough to earn the coveted Golden Cock Award for sissy faggots.

I have made him do the most humiliating things over the years that I have been speaking to him, including humping his panty bump on his pillow while wearing panties and gernerally shredding his masculinity and turning him into a total sissy boi.  In fact, I even awarded him a Silver Slut Award for being such a ridiculous little bitch boi for Me.

So, for a few years (yes… years!) I have been telling him that he can have his Golden Cock award when he sticks an actual cock-shaped dildo into his sissy pussy for Me instead of his screwdriver handle.  But, Screwdriver Boy has been too scared to go buy a Mr. Cock to suck and fuck for Me.  After all, that might make him faggot or something.  😉

Then, one day, I got an email which seemed to say that he needed a little prodding (lol) and manipulation to go buy what I had been telling him to buy for so long – a nice, big, fat, cock-shaped dildo!  His very own Mr. Cock.  I have to say, I was pretty surprised.  But, then again, you little sissy faggots always wind up going further and further than you ever thought you would.  How pathetic to be a total slave to such inadequate appendages.

sissy panty boi loves cockAnyway, My Sissy Panty Screwdriver Boy got his Mr. Cock, and put on his panties, teddy and stockings and… waited.  And then, he waited some more.  Unfortunately for him, I wound up taking a several hour call, just as he was finally ready to service Mr. Cock.  But like a good little bitch, he waited until I was done.  Finally, I was available for a NiteFlirt sissy phone sex call and he called and told Me all about how tortured he was while he was waiting for Me to finish My previous call.  But, Sissy Screwdriver Boi is very loyal and needed Me desperately.

So, after all that, he was able to call and service Mr. Cock for Me.  I made him suck and slobber all over Mr. Cock, like a good little sissy boi, which I don’t think he had ever done before.  And then, just as he was about to earn his Golden Cock Award, he got so excited from sucking Mr. Cock that he creamed his sissy panties like a naughty gurl.  It was pretty funny.  After all that, he couldn’t keep from squirting his sissy juice long enough to earn a Golden Cock.  Hehehehe.

But, to make a long story short (too late!), My Sissy Panty Screwdriver Boi called Me back soon after that and got a proper fucking from Mr. Cock.  Of course, he loved it!  And now, he finally has the coveted Golden Cock Award for sissy faggots.  All in all, everything worked out perfectly in the end (hahaha).  And, btw, here is a pic of what My little sissy panty boi was doing while he was waiting for his turn to call Me!

So, if you want to know what it is like to have a Mr. Cock in your slutty little sissy mouth or pussy while My sexy voice purrs in your ear telling you what a lil fag you are, then be a good boi and call Me for sissy faggot phone sex on NiteFlirt right now!

Jul 262012

sissy sucks cockI’m on the phone with Sissy Dan right now.  He’s wearing a pair of silky panties and is totally desperate to suck dick.  He  is really wasted and wants Me to black mail his sissy ass into sucking a hard throbbing dick.

So I thought I would put his picture up on My blog and empty his account out tonight.  After all, he’s not a man.  He’s just a girly sissy cock sucker.  And since he begged Me to black mail him and fuck with his head, I just couldn’t refuse.  Doesn’t he look pretty in his wig sucking that cock?  LOL.

Here’s the picture of My little sissy fag that I took from his CL ad.  Maybe if he’s not a good boi, I’ll post his address and phone number too.


May 082009

My humiliating Sissy Sissy Faggot song

I just spoke to a brand new Sissy, Sissy Faggot!  I really like to talk to sissy boys when they are new to phone sex and nervous.  Something about that that is so much fun!  I love to take that nervousness and uncomfortability and turn it into sexual excitement.  There’s just something about getting a guy really hot and uncomfortable at the same time.  Mmmmm!!!

This little panty bitch had already listened to My Sissy, Sissy Faggot song last week.  He said how much he liked My ridiculous sissy humiliation song and then he sang it back to Me.  Hahaha!  I asked him what made him decide to call My phone sex feminization listing and he said that he had enjoyed My blog and liked the way I phrased things.  What things?  Things like ‘sticky and dripping with cum’!

So what else could I do?  I had to dress him in panties, smear his lips with bright pink lipgloss and get him ready to suck cock.  That got him really hot, too.  That’s how I can tell the noobs – they still think panties and lipgloss are humiliating.  Hehe.  My expert sissy cock suckers know that I can be FAR MORE humiliating than that.

I am looking forward to humiliating this panty boy again soon.  Just think about what I might have in store for him!  If you haven’t heard My Sissy, Sissy Faggot song, click the button and you can get humiliated too.  Listen to it now!

Apr 062009

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  So screwdriver boy called Me tonight.  He told Me about how it gets his dicklet really hard to wear panties for Me and to wiggle his ass and shove the handle of a screw driver in it.  That was a mistake.  Because once I know how much he loves to do it for Me, I knew that I couldn’t just let him do it.  WAY too easy for him.  Besides, I love to push boundaries.

So, I had to rev things up a notch.  I mean, shoving a screwdriver in your ass pussy while wearing a pair of panties just might not be humiliating enough!  If humiliation is what screw driver boy needs, hehe, humiliation is what he will get!!  I had him put his little sissy ass on a pillow and face his ass toward the wall.  Then I had him put his legs up on the wall.  I made him bend his knees and push them out to the side – like an upside down frog.

Then I made him beg for the screw driver.  I made him shove the handle of the screw driver up his ass while he said “fuck Me, I’m a faggot frog!” over and over.  Hahahaha!

I would have given tool pussy boy a golden cock except for two things.  He didn’t know how to croak while he was fucking his faggot fanny like a frog, and he substituted the word sissy for faggot.  After all, if he uses the word faggot while fucking himself in the ass with a screw driver like an upside down frog, it might make him gay.  Now THAT would be embarrassing!  If he uses the word sissy while he screws himself with a screw driver while wearng panties and wiggling his ass upside down with his legs spread like a frog, he can maintain his dignity.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Call Me and I will humiliate you too!  😉

Feb 062009

Hahahaha!  That’s what one of My sissy bitches just told Me on our phone sex call.  That’s hilarious!  I asked him why not a Golden Cock Award and he said that he would work towards it and do anything I ask.  What a good girl!

I have only mentioned this panty boy once before.  The poor little bitch never had a blogSissy Silver Slut Award post of his own.  Well, I suppose saying “Princess, may I please pull down my panties and fuck My sissy ass pussy with a screw driver” will get him into Jewel’s Fools sissy blog!

It was soooo funny.  He could hardly contain himself.  I made him bend over the side of the bed and hump it with his panties in place in the front while he fucked that sissy ass pussy with a screw driver.  He’s too much of a wuss to get a cock to fuck, so he uses the end of a screw driver.

I had to humiliate him.  I mean, how could I pass it up!?  So I told him that in order to earn a Golden Cock Award, he might require power tools.  LOL!!!!  Then I made him say more humiliating stuff like “Nail me” and “Screw me” while humping the bed in his panties.

Between the sissy humiliation and the screw driver up his ass, sissy boy could hardly contain himself.  His voice was shaking as he twirled the screw driver in his ass pussy and humped the bed.  It wasn’t long at all before he creamed his sissy panties for Me like a good girl.  Hahahahahaha!

BTW – Don’t do this at home (hehe)!  I have told sissy bitch several times that it is not a good idea to shove a screw driver up his ass – even if it is the handle end.  I need your sissy pussies in tact so that I can fuck you again tomorrow.