Sep 302014

dress up sissy boiPathetic glory hole sissy bois should not lie to Me, because this is what will happen.  This glory hole cock sucker is getting exposed AGAIN, for lying to Me AGAIN.  Oh well, I guess the whole world will see his sissy cock sucking face now.  I guess he should have kept his word.

And, btw, there are LOTS more pix of My glory hole sissy boi – and there are LOTS more places I can put them.

Edit:  Glory hole sissy boi has been saved.  He has been paying his fine and daily interest to Me for weeks and weeks now.  With the daily interest I was charging him, I figured he would owe Me money forever.  Hehe.  But luckily for My little cock sucker, Sissy Ricky was drunk and incredibly vulnerable tonight.  Sissy Rick actually agreed to pay off Glory Hole Boi’s debt and basically get nothing in return.  For the whole story of how pathetic Ricky is and how lucky Glory Hole Boi is, see the above post.

Jun 012012

My bitch in his sissy pantiesMy drunk little glory hole sissy boi really needs to be put in his place tonight.  I guess he doesn’t believe Me when I tell him that I am going to put his sissy fag cock sucking videos and panty boi pictures here on My blog for the whole world to see.  But since he is all drunk and full of himself, he needs to be taught a lesson.

Sissy bois who beg Me to be blackmailed into sucking cock, wearing panties and going to the sleazy fag glory hole really should learn not to get all uppity.  But, I know you boyz have to test Me once in a while to see if I will really put you in your place and make you do what I said I would.

So here’s a video of My pretty little glory hole sissy boi to punish him for thinking that he is some sort of man (hahahaha).

ETA:  My sissy bitch  boi has redeemed himself, so I took down the video of his face saying he was going to the glory hole to suck cock for Me and replaced it with this pic of his little bitch ass cheeks in his sissy panties at work.

Jan 162011

glory hole cock suckerI just got a call tonight from this sleazy glory hole faggot.  He was all worked up telling Me about how much he loves to suck big black cock.  And here’s the proof of what a horny little cock sucker he is.

He goes to the glory hole all the time too.  Then gets down on his knees, like a good faggot should, and waits for the big black cocks to start to poke through the hole.

He kept telling Me that he will only suck big black cock.  Um… is that supposed to make Me think that he’s not really a fag?  Don’t think so!

All he wanted was to hear Me tell him to suck that big black cock over and over again.  Hehe.  But at first, he kind of demanded that I say that to him.  So, of course, I made him ask Me nicely.

I think that is so humiliating –  to be told that you must ask Me nicely to order you to suck that big black cock.  Lol.  So when the cock whore asked again, in a more appropriate way, I was only happy to oblige.

Suck that cock, you sleazy cock whore!  Suck that big black cock until you gag.  Suck and slurp that cock like the little fag whore you are until your face is wet and sticky with his delicious load of chocolate jizz.

Good girl!  😉

Jan 072009

I have made another new sissy faggot cock sucker!  This time the Golden Cock Award goes to him.  I got an IM from this slut yesterday and after going back and forth a few times, he finally blurted out that he is thinking about going to a glory hole in a local adult book store.  Hehe.

Now those of you who know Me, know that got Me very interested!  I love creating new girly cock suckers and this time was no exception.  Something about male-on-male cock sucking that gets Me extremely hot!  It really didn’t take too much persuasNew cock sucker gets the Golden Cock Awardion to get this sissy bitch over to the glory hole.  He really wanted to do it – he just had to get up the nerve to be a real, true, actual, live, sissy cock sucker!

A while later he called.  At first I thought that My newest bitch-to-be was going to chicken out.  But, I was wrong!  He called to tell Me that he was hanging around waiting for a cock to suck.  He was very nervous, but knew it was time for him to be a cock sucking whore – just for Me!

A little while later, he called again.  He was in a booth!  I could tell that he was so excited to be acting like such a sissy slut.  He told Me that there was a hard cock sticking through the glory hole waiting to be sucked.  I got so hot.  I told him to grab it and stroke the cock.  I told him to feel this cock in his hand – a cock responding to him that was not his own!

Then, I told him to start licking.  I heard him start to lick that cock, but My girly whore told Me that the cock was stroking fast in and out of the glory hole.  That’s when I told him to suck it.  Suck the cock.  Suck it, you sissy bitch.  Suck that cock!

I have been speaking to this cocksucking sissy for a while now.  I know that it doesn’t take much to make his dicklet squirt when he is sucking his dildo for Me, so I was afraid that he was going to squirt too early.  So was he.  Lol.  But he just kept sucking without squirting.  What a good girl!

I LOVED hearing him suck the cock until it drained itself into the condom in his cock sucking sissy mouth.  Then, I LOVED hearing him start to stroke himself.  The excitement in his voice was amazing!  He squirted really hard.  He squirted for being a REAL COCK SUCKER!  Good work, you have made Princess very happy.