Jan 072009

If you have been following My blog and paying attention (I know it’s hard to think when there is no blog remaining in your brains), then you may have notice some references to My newest blog!

It’s the creampiecumeating.com blog and it’s devoted to, duh (lol), cream pies and cum eating!  I already have several posts and a picture gallery up and ready to be viewed.  The first gallery is from “Fucked Up Facials”.  Damn – the girls in these pix are gettinng shot with HUGE  messy loads.   I would LOVE to see some of My faggot cum sluts getting drowned in cum like this.  Check out the gallery – there will be more very soon – and let Me know what you think!

I set up this new blog to be very interactive.  You can register and then write posts and leave comments and stuff like that in this new www.creampiecumeating.com blog.  I think some other NiteFlirt phone sex girls are going to be doing the same type of thing, each with a different niche.  This way, the flirts and customers can post and comment on all of the blogs!

So go get a head start on this by registering and writing a post.  Don’t worry, spelling and grammar don’t count.  A few sententces to a long story are all acceptable!  Let’s have some fun with this, bitches!


Princess Jewel

Oct 252008

I love to talk to My Cream Pie Guy.  He has such a sexy, growly voice and I just love to turn him on.  I love to create a scene where I cum visit him.  Of course, He doesn’t find out that My pussy or ass is full of cum until his tongue is all the way inside Me and he is telling Me I have the most delicious pussy he ever tasted!

We both get pretty fucking hot.  I just LOVE making his cream pie (and other) fantasies cum true.  But he always tells Me that he just can’t believe half of the stuff in My blog.  You know, not that he doesn’t think it is true, but rather that he can’t believe all the horny fucks that I talk to and their fantasies.  Lol.

Cream Pie Guy always tells Me that his fantasy is so much different from some of the humiliation and hard core feminization stories that I write about (all 100% true calls!), and tells Me how normal he is.  Well… um… ok…

We both love it when I tell him all about how I fucked My boyfriend just before cumming to see him.  And it gets us both hot when I tell him that I told My boyfriend exactly why I had to fuck him right at that moment – and that he had to pump Me full of a huge load of cum so that I can teach a bitch a lesson.

All perfectly normal, right?  😉

Then I make My Cream Pie loving bitch eat My hot sweat creamy pussy, and I add in all sorts of interesting variations along the way.  But, the minute I mention that My boyfriend has been watching us, and that I am going to make Cream Pie Guy clean My pussy juice off My boyfriend’s cock, he practically shoots himself across the room!

I LOVE this fantasy.  The thought of fucking some one just so I can feed the cum in My pussy to a drooling naughty bitch drives Me wild! And knowing that when he is on the edge of cumming, I can push him right over by feeding him a cock! I  But… normal?  Not so sure about that!  Lol.  We might just have to take it up a notch or two so that it is more appropriate for My blog.  Hehehe.

Cream Pie Guy knows how much I love making him explode.  I might just have to think up a couple of wrenches (but no lead pipes or candlesticks) to throw in to the fantasy!

Aug 302008

NiteFlirt’s computer was giving Me a very hard time when I was trying to upload this new phone sex recording.  But I finally got it all set for My sissy faggot sluts.

This new recording is for you cum eating cream pie lovers.  You manage to pick up the hottest girl in the bar and get Me to follow you home!  Will you fuck Me hard and deep or will I teach you a lesson for thinking that you could take advantage of Me and give you a creamy surprise?  Gee… I wonder!

So, listen up and get ready to slurp like a good little bitch.

Aug 072008

You sluts are sooooo lucky to have Me!  Most of you know it and are very good about adoring and spoiling Me.  But there may be a few of you who are afraid to call, or who might be taking advantage of all the hot FREE sissy faggot phonesex blog posts I write.  Plus I know that when some of you cum sluts read about yourselves, or about My other callers, you just get so excited that you accidentally squirt your sissy juice all over your panties!  Hee, hee!

So now you lucky little phonesex faggots can still tribute Me if you accidentally squirt while reading My blog.  A $10 fee for squirting while reading this blog is quite a bargain, so if you are a loser in addition to being a sissy sissy faggot, pay it twice.

Accidental Sissy Faggot Squirting Fee

Jul 262008

OMFG!! That is what one of My slut slaves told Me tonight. Last time I spoke to him, I wanted him to fuck his wussy pussy with a nice big cucumber or with some fresh carrots. If you have been reading My blog, then you will immediately realize that this happened right after the “carrot incident“. The carrot thing was just so fucking funny that I was really on a roll with it. But unfortunately, this sissy slave only had celery, which is waaaaay too small, but had to do in a pinch. So, I made him fuck himself with the celery. Sissy slut fucks a stalk of celery

The strange thing is that I don’t remember it at all!! It’s very strange, ’cause you sluts know that I’m pretty good at remembering who you are and what I have done to you. Plus, I remember all sorts of other things things about this humiliation slave… but not the celery! I know I made him cum on the floor and lick it up and all sorts of other things – how could I forget him fucking his sissy pussy hole with celery??!!

So anyway, when the submissive sissy slut started telling Me all about what I made him do, he said something like “Well… you seemed to have had a fondness for vegetables”. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!! I went into uncontrollable fits of laughter and giggling ’cause the way he phrased it was just sooooo funny.

Once I was able to control Myself, I was able to go about the business of humiliating him. Actually, I think My spontaneous laughter would have completed the job nicely. But, that wasn’t enough for Me.

I made this little humiliation whore get a pair of his girlfriend’s panties. He was such a good girl and actually brought Me back dirty ones. I loved making him stuff them in his mouth and slurp off her pussy and ass juice. I did all sorts of things to humiliate this slut. When I finally let him squirt he practically shot himself across the room he came so hard.

But the story doesn’t end there. This sissy slut is such a humiliation whore that he couldn’t sleep and called Me back a little later. He was already really on the edge and needed to cum badly. Lol – what more could I ask for?

I tormented and tortured him for quite a while. And I told him NOT to cum. I have to say it was really hot to torment him. I love being able to whip you sluts into a frenzy and to control you completely!

But the fun really was yet to cum. I made him stroke hard and fast… and harder and faster… and then… I made him STOP! Wow! The tortured moans that came out of his slutty little mouth were AMAZING!! He moaned from this extreme torture for as long as he moaned when he came the first time. I have never heard such torture in a voice as his orgasm was ripped away from him. I LOVED IT! I got so wet from hearing the torment in his voice and from knowing that I had ruined his orgasm.

Eventually, I did let the girly slut cum. And I left him with the thought that one day soon I am going to make him cum and cum and cum until it hurts. Then… I’ll make him cum once more!

Jul 062008

Well, I’ve been very busy tonight. I just finished up a nice loooong call with a little cocksucking bitch. He was so funny, he didn’t think I remembered him and tried to test Me. Lol. He thought I wouldn’t know his name, or what we talked about on our last call. I proved him wrong, of course, and he told Me he was glad because he wants to be My devoted faggot bitch.

First, I had to test him. I can’t just take any little wanna be cocksucker under My wing, now can I? I have to make sure they are dedicated sissy faggots and devoted to Me. And, most important, they have to understand that the only reason I will make them service cock is for My pleasure and amusement.You are a cock sucker

I have to say that his test went pretty well. He begged to be My cum covered bitch. I had him servicing some cocks, but that wasn’t enough for this faggot slut. He needed more and more and more cock. I dressed him up in a slutty little girly boy outfit and whored out his holes. He wound up with a reamed ass pussy and he was dripping with cum from so many different cocks.

He creamed his panties full of cum for Me (of course) and then begged to slurp it up. I really love it when you sissy faggots take it on your own and ask if you can eat your own cum. Ha, ha, ha. So he slurped it up and then wanted to chat with his Phone Sex Princess a little bit longer.

We had a nice chat and he told Me how much he enjoys being My sissy bitch panty boy. We weren’t talking for long, though, when he stared to get all worked up again. Hee, hee. He was telling Me about his real life cock servicing experiences and wound up getting hard as rock for Me again.

The best thing about this cock whore is that when he came the second time, he really wanted to slurp down his own cum. In fact, there was sooooo much cum that I let him milk out of his dicklet that he was able to gargle with it! Now that’s what I call a fun night with My faggots. I own a new and devoted faggot slut AND I heard not one but two sissies gargle with their own cum.

Jun 052008

You’ve been reading My blog, and now you need to wrap your hand around your tiny little cock, so I want to make it easy for you to call Me. I know that there isn’t very much blood in your head right now. Lol.

Being feminized by your Princess Jewel is a privilege for all you sissies, faggots and cum sluts. So, call Me on NiteFlirt by clicking this button:

Feminization Phonesex with Princess Jewel on NiteFlirt:

If you don’t have a NiteFlirt account yet, just click My call button. You will get three minutes of free phone sex and will be talking to Me within a matter of minutes. All you need is a credit card and a phone (or Skype, etc). Your phone number will never be billed, only your credit card. And you never have to pay any fees or dues to join – just pay as you go!

Are you a money pig? Cash cow? Does it turn you on to hand your wallet over to a demanding little Princess? Then this is the line for you to call:

Financial Domination, Wallet Raping, Account Draining for Pathetic Oinking Pigs:

If you want to visit My NiteFlirt pages, click below and choose the appropriate listing to call!

Princess Jewel’s NiteFlirtHomepage

Talk to you soon, My little bitches!

May 232008

Wow! I can’t believe how well My new phonesex fetish website and blog have taken off! So many sissies, cocksuckers and faggots have visited My blog, bought My pictures and sent Me sissy humiliation pictures for Me to post. I now have several sissy and small penis humiliation photos in My gallery. You can buy the password for $1 and view them here. So far, I have sold lots and lots of passwords, and have given the password out to lots of My friends. My sissy and small penis humiliation pictures are getting tons of hits on My site!

I’ve also gotten lots of tributes from My new fetish website and blog! I love getting prezzies! I’m well on My way to getting My new flat panel tv (not transvestite – lol!), and have gotten a bunch of tributes from My devotes sissies, cocksuckers and bitches!

I have been very lazy about making My recorded listings. But, I am going to add some very soon! That page has gotten a lot of hits too, so I know all My cum sluts are waiting. 🙂

You have all been very good little sluts, pets, bitches and whores and have really gotten My www.jewelsfools.com blog and website off to a great start! If there is a suggestion that you have, something that you would like to see on My blog or website, leave Me a comment here and I’ll see what I can do. If you have a specific idea for a recorded listing, you can also comment here.

Until then, get down on your knees, send Me a tribute and thank Me for being your special phonesex Princess.

May 232008

I just spoke to one of My fun regular phone sex customers, Mr. B. He usually calls Me for a roleplay. He just loves it when I am his barely legal neighbor and I drive him wild. Hee, hee, it’s so much fun too. I love to hear how completely horny and hard I can get him. It kinda’ gets Me horny too. 🙂

Well, tonight I thought I would try something different and see what happened. So, I asked him if he would like to taste My pussy juice. When he said yes, I told him it was all over My boyfriend’s cock. We got really kinky and I fed him My boyfriend’s cock and had him lick all of My pussy juice off of it while I watched.

There was lots more to it. The whole call got Me very, very horny. Plus he had a new toy on his cock, and the thought of that was kinda’ hot too. I must just be extra horny tonight, because after I had my boyfriend cum all over his face, I slipped My pussy down on his cock, pressed My body against his, and kissed all of My boyfriend’s cum off of his face. Yum!

May 072008

Spoke to one of My favorite customers tonight. He has a cream pie fantasy. Hee, Hee. I usually slide onto his face and surprise him with a cum filled pussy for him to slurp up, but tonight things were a little different! He told Me all about how he ate his first true cream pie. It was his own cum that he licked up the next morning, but, damn!, it was so hot listening to him tell Me all about it. Then I told him that I would have him come over after My boyfriend left and make him tell Me how much he wants to lick the cum out of My freshly fucked pussy. It got Me so worked up that I had to indulge Myself while we were talking. I took out My vibrator and came long and hard while we were talking about it. 🙂 In fact, after we hung up, I kept playing, thinking about our call and came even harder than the first time. Mmmmm!