Aug 072008

You sluts are sooooo lucky to have Me!  Most of you know it and are very good about adoring and spoiling Me.  But there may be a few of you who are afraid to call, or who might be taking advantage of all the hot FREE sissy faggot phonesex blog posts I write.  Plus I know that when some of you cum sluts read about yourselves, or about My other callers, you just get so excited that you accidentally squirt your sissy juice all over your panties!  Hee, hee!

So now you lucky little phonesex faggots can still tribute Me if you accidentally squirt while reading My blog.  A $10 fee for squirting while reading this blog is quite a bargain, so if you are a loser in addition to being a sissy sissy faggot, pay it twice.

Accidental Sissy Faggot Squirting Fee

Aug 022008

Sissies Love Phone Sex Fetish Princess JewelYou sluts make Me very happy when you follow My directions.  One of My good girls read My post about putting his love and adoration into words and wrote a wonderful tribute to his favorite phone sex Princess – ME!  As promised, here it is:


I love it when you make me pose and flounce like a cheap, cheap whore for your amusement – wearing my panties around my ankles, getting on all fours with my ass up and face down in front of the mirror so I have to watch myself and be humiliated with your giggling and laughter.

And I love it when you make me squirm against the rubber dildo with my panty-covered ass, teasing the cock like a professional slut, which you are slowly turning me into.

And I love it even more when you put me through the motions on my cocksucking – making sure I beg for it, in the most humiliating way possible, and then instructing me on how to do it exactly right, with all of the proper moans and words that an eager slut should always use.

I love the red lipstick streaks I leave on the cock for you.

And then I love it when you make me try to talk with the cock in my mouth, which always seems to send you into peals of laughter. And I love it when you make me slurp loudly and eagerly, because most of all I want to show you how badly I want to please you, entertain you, serve you.

You know I am helpless in the face of your will. I am your sissy, your slut, your whore, your pantyboy, your special bimbo, your streetwalker-in-preparation, and I will say it to you – and the world – again and again.

I hope I can continue to provide you with endless entertainment. I live for your laughs.

Your good girl.

I love sissy sluts!

Jul 192008

For any of My little sissy faggots who don’t know – I have made a recorded listing of the Sissy Sissy Faggot song! If you have heard My phone greeting for My feminization phone sex listing on NiteFlirt, you know that I chant “You’re a Sissy Sissy Faggot” in a sing songy voice. Hee, hee.Sissy Sissy Faggot Recorded Phonesex Listing

Well, it has gotten so popular, that I made it into a recorded listing. It’s (Updated in 2018!). I chant and taunt you in My sing songy voice telling you that you are a “Sissy, sissy faggot… sissy sissy cock whore…” etc. To hear it, click here. It’s only $1.50 per minute.

So now you lucky little sissy sluts and cocksuckers can hear Me chanting in your ear 24 hours a day. Even if I am logged off, My recorded listings are always available. If you want to check out My other fetish phone sex recorded listings, visit My!

Have fun, My little faggots, and let Me know how much you love My recordings!

Princess Jewel

Jul 062008

Well, I’ve been very busy tonight. I just finished up a nice loooong call with a little cocksucking bitch. He was so funny, he didn’t think I remembered him and tried to test Me. Lol. He thought I wouldn’t know his name, or what we talked about on our last call. I proved him wrong, of course, and he told Me he was glad because he wants to be My devoted faggot bitch.

First, I had to test him. I can’t just take any little wanna be cocksucker under My wing, now can I? I have to make sure they are dedicated sissy faggots and devoted to Me. And, most important, they have to understand that the only reason I will make them service cock is for My pleasure and amusement.You are a cock sucker

I have to say that his test went pretty well. He begged to be My cum covered bitch. I had him servicing some cocks, but that wasn’t enough for this faggot slut. He needed more and more and more cock. I dressed him up in a slutty little girly boy outfit and whored out his holes. He wound up with a reamed ass pussy and he was dripping with cum from so many different cocks.

He creamed his panties full of cum for Me (of course) and then begged to slurp it up. I really love it when you sissy faggots take it on your own and ask if you can eat your own cum. Ha, ha, ha. So he slurped it up and then wanted to chat with his Phone Sex Princess a little bit longer.

We had a nice chat and he told Me how much he enjoys being My sissy bitch panty boy. We weren’t talking for long, though, when he stared to get all worked up again. Hee, hee. He was telling Me about his real life cock servicing experiences and wound up getting hard as rock for Me again.

The best thing about this cock whore is that when he came the second time, he really wanted to slurp down his own cum. In fact, there was sooooo much cum that I let him milk out of his dicklet that he was able to gargle with it! Now that’s what I call a fun night with My faggots. I own a new and devoted faggot slut AND I heard not one but two sissies gargle with their own cum.

Jun 202008

… Hearing one of My phonesex sluts nibble on the carrot he is about to fuck himself with… PRICELESS!!!

Ha, ha, ha, ha! How hilarious! Last night, I told this loser slut that if he didn’t call Me tonight wearing panties with something to shove up his faggot ass, I was going to hang up on him and raise My rates. Since he had nothing to slide in his ass pussy last night, I made him use his thumb, and then use his other four fingers to wave to his former girlfriend and her real-man boyfriend. Hee, hee – how pathetic.

So he calls Me tonight and he’s all prepared – what a good girl! He was wearing pretty panties, and he didn’t have time to buy a dildo, so he had a nice fat carrot (which happened to be bigger than his little clitty cock – lol). I didn’t really believe that he had the carrot, though. So I made him thump it against the phone. Sounded pretty real. But I wanted proof.

There he was, all horny and drooling. I was already teasing him with the idea of his former girlfriend and her new boyfriend walking in on him in his panties with the carrot up his girly ass. He was really getting all worked up as I set the stage. But, again, I wanted proof of the carrot, or I was going to hang up on this pathetic sissy bitch and raise My rates.

Now, I admit, this is probably going to loose something in translation, but this was the funniest thing I have heard in AGES. I made My faggot slut take a bite out of the carrot he was about to fuck his bitch pussy with. Right away, I hear this little nibble, nibble, crunch, crunch on the carrot!!! I guess it was partially because it proved that this loser really did follow My orders and get something to fuck his ass pussy with. And I guess knowing for sure that it was a carrot was pretty damn funny. But the pathetic, submissive little nibble nibble, crunchity crunch cumming through the phone was hysterical!

I just couldn’t help Myself. I started laughing hysterically and couldn’t stop!! I just keep hearing it over and over. Ha, ha, ha, ha!! *Crunch, crunch* Omg! I’ve been laughing at this pathetic faggot all night. I actually felt kinda’ bad for laughing so uncontrollably. But, I don’t think My bitch minded too much.

I think the complete humiliation got his tiny dicklet very hard, ’cause almost as soon as I made him fuck his ass pussy with the carrot, he squirted! I was even going to have his former girlfriend smother his face again with her ass while her new boyfriend fucked his bitch hole hard and deep, but My little faggot slut was sooo worked up and humiliated that he squirted right away. Too funny – I love you humiliation sluts!! I’m still laughing!

Jun 192008

Have you ever been on your back, naked on the floor, with your feet in the air, wearing a pair of panties? Don’t forget to put your thumb up your ass pussy and wave at the girlfriend you have never gotten over and her new boyfriend. And to top it off, you lucky little sissy slut – My voice is in your ear, commanding you to be My bitch!!

Does reading that get your little clitty cock hard? Well, if it does, you should call Me. ‘Cause that’s exactly what I did to My sissy faggot tiny dicked loser cuckold pig tonight!

What a dumb ass! I have humiliated this loser before. In fact, you can read all about it here. But tonight, I must have been feeling especially evil. 🙂 I know the thought of his old girl friend with another guy drives him crazy. So, I wanted to think of something REALLY humiliating!

I think I managed to do it by having this shrimp dicked ass licker put his thumb in his ass pussy and wave to his girlfriend with his other four fingers. Hee, hee, hee! And if that wasn’t enough, I drove this loser faggot over the edge while I described his girlfriend’s ass smothering him completely. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

He has an assignment for tomorrow night too. If he doesn’t call Me with his panties on and a new cock to stick in his faggot pussy, I am going to hang up on him and raise My rate. Hmmm, maybe I should just hang up on him and raise My rate anyway. Lol. After all, what else does a tiny dicked sissy loser faggot ass licking pig deserve?

Jun 052008

You’ve been reading My blog, and now you need to wrap your hand around your tiny little cock, so I want to make it easy for you to call Me. I know that there isn’t very much blood in your head right now. Lol.

Being feminized by your Princess Jewel is a privilege for all you sissies, faggots and cum sluts. So, call Me on NiteFlirt by clicking this button:

Feminization Phonesex with Princess Jewel on NiteFlirt:

If you don’t have a NiteFlirt account yet, just click My call button. You will get three minutes of free phone sex and will be talking to Me within a matter of minutes. All you need is a credit card and a phone (or Skype, etc). Your phone number will never be billed, only your credit card. And you never have to pay any fees or dues to join – just pay as you go!

Are you a money pig? Cash cow? Does it turn you on to hand your wallet over to a demanding little Princess? Then this is the line for you to call:

Financial Domination, Wallet Raping, Account Draining for Pathetic Oinking Pigs:

If you want to visit My NiteFlirt pages, click below and choose the appropriate listing to call!

Princess Jewel’s NiteFlirtHomepage

Talk to you soon, My little bitches!

Jun 052008

Ha, ha, ha, ha! What a total loser this guy is. First, he calls Me to ask what he should be ready with and what he should be thinking about cause he’s gonna call Me back in a few minutes. I’m sure his little clitty dick started to stiffen as soon as he heard My voice.

So, given the fact that I own this loser’s pathetic little cock, mind and wallet, I told him to put on a pair of his wife’s panties, think about what a sissy faggot he is, and call Me back while watching himself in a mirror.

This faggot is just too funny. The more of a loser I tell him he his, the more excitement I can hear in his voice. I love bringing him to the edge cumming and exploding his liilte load all over his panties then calling him a useless cocksucker and hanging up on him! LMAO!

I could tell that his girly stick was about to spurt and I didn’t have much time, so I told him to tribute Me and maybe when he calls Me back I will let him finger fuck his own ass. Then I hung up. Hee, hee. I knew that girly boi wouldn’t be able to control himself for long, so I raised My rates to $10/minute.

Dumb fuck called Me right back – of course! I don’t think he even got his fingers in his little ass pussy before he started squirting. Loser. I raped his wallet, fucked his mind and used him completely. 🙂

May 252008

Ha, ha, ha!!!! Got off the phone with one of My losers a little while ago. I really enjoyed getting into his head, helping Myself to his wallet and making him oink!!!!! What a fool. He knows that I own his pathetic little clitty dicklet, and he knows he is useless as a man.

During our phonesex call, I had him dressed up in nothing but a pink tutu and pink leather collar and leash. Then, I cuckolded and humiliated his little dick by inviting over some of his friends. Lol! I invited over an old girlfriend of his – you know – the one he never got over, the one he still dreams about – and a mutual friend of theirs and we had a great time! Well, at least I did!

This faggot cuckold took his girlfriend’s strap on in his bitch pussy, sucked her boyfriend’s huge cock (which had just been in his girlfriend’s ass!), fingered his own ass and begged his friend to fuck his girlfriend with a big, hard, real man’s cock – like she deserves.

Do you know I had this loser whore oinking?! It was great. I hung up on him twice. Each time, I told him to tribute Me before he called back. And I told him that if he didn’t, he couldn’t cum and that he would be blocked and would never get to hear My voice in his disgusting ear again. So, of course, he tributed Me, his Princess, each time I hung up on him.

When he called back the second time, I told him to start oinking! At first he wasn’t too good at it, but I told him to make it more nasal, and soon he was snorting and oinking like the loser pig he is!! LMAO!!

Do you know what finally made this cuckold cocksucker squirt? I told him his girlfriend was screaming “My pussy is going to cum all over your friend’s big hard cock!” Ha, ha – that pushed him right over the edge and he squirted his pathetic loser load of cum.

May 242008

Sucky, sucky, CuckyI met a new little girly cuckold tonight. His girlfriend picked out My listing and told him to call Me. Of course, he was being punished for being a sissy, because she was out getting a real man’s cock. Ha, ha, ha!

This little faggot cuckold was all dressed up in A whorish red dress, red high heels and had cock sucker red lipstick on. His girlfriend gave him orders to have the lipstick smeared all over his dildo when she got home. I like the way she thinks! A little sissy girly boy like that must be cuckolded and put into his place.

So My new cuckold had instructions to call Me and to be sucking his dildo at just about the same time as she was sucking her date’s huge cock. It was great. I made him brush his fingers up and down the dildo, which was suction cupped onto a mirror. And then I made him start to lick it. Then I told him to start slurping – just like his girlfriend was probably doing to someone else’s monster cock.

Poor little girly boy, he couldn’t hold out at all. He squirted his sissy load all over himself and could barely speak. Hee, hee – that’s what I call a good little nasty cuckold!