Oct 202019
Tiny Dicked Bitch

My tiny dicked bitch called Me the other day and something kind of ridiculous happened.

We were on the phone, having a nice, humiliating Niteflirt phone sex call, when we heard the ‘one minute remaining’ warning. Then, he said something like, “I just got the one minute remaining notice, so, um…”

So I started to giggle and said, “Did you just actually try to hurry Me along so that you could squirt your tiny, inadequate dick without having to refill your account??!!” 😂

Then he got all flustered and had no idea what to say. So I kept laughing and told him to get down on the floor on all fours, with his ass in the air and refill his fucking NiteFlirt account like a good gurl.

I really don’t drag out My feminization phone sex calls, but, really, gurly bois, there’s no way I’m going to hurry along for you either. Hehe.

So, when tiny boi refilled his account and came back to our call, I mocked him some more for thinking he was a man and could influence Me in any way. I told him it was his job to be a good gurl, refill his account when necessary, to leave excellent feedback for all of his calls and to thank Me properly with a tribute.

I mean, what else is he really good for? A tiny dicked fag like him needs to know his place. And I’m just the Princess to put him in it and make sure that he stays there.

Of course, he did what I told him to do, so I told him he’s My good gurl. That’s when he told Me his small penis was ragingly hard.

That gave Me a good laugh too. And since he was such a good sissy gurl for Me, I told him he could squirt. Turns out he must have been raging, because he said that for such tiny balls, he squirted out a huge load.

Then My tiny dicked bitch said to Me, “Princess, you’re soooo good at what you do.”

I said, “Duh… now eat it all up! Good gurl!”